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  1. It's smart football to get Clabo. When he's playing well he's a very good RT and me knows our offense.
  2. I value CBs differently. The guy is a pure playmaker that's a willing tackler, creates fumbles, blitzes, and makes plays on the ball. It's a big bonus that he is that dynamic in the return game. I value a guy that gets the ball back to our explosive offense like him in the 2nd rd especially where we pick.
  3. I would love to have a justin Griffith type back. We need as many versatile skill players as we can get, if he's smart enough then the blocking will be fine.
  4. Our run D as a whole sucked and people are going to single out spoon? Why does it matter how many tackles he got? It's not like he was getting many chances to blow through the line because we would get dominated up front. Nobody made plays vs the run period. Get a big nt guy that allows Spoon to roam and play his game and people will love him again.
  5. I don't think he has an offer but I do believe he knows a ball park of what we are willing to give him. He's not going to go to a team that's not a contender, the longer he is not signed the better our chances are of him coming back.
  6. I like Okafor, from the senior bowl film he looks a lot better from the left. At rde he didn't show many moved that can win from the left he had a bull rush and used his hands very well.
  7. I think I prefer for Davis to keep keep progressing to the point teams would want him.
  8. It's not a surprise, it will be a three way competition. Pat Hill will find the best RT we have.
  9. I understand what Tony is and what he brings to the table but the fact remains IMO what had made Tony so great is the fact he's a legend and when a legend continues to show up to camp year after year there's a different respect for him. Take that with the fact just being there to gel with the guys is important. Tony doesn't need any practice like that but he needs to he with the team. Championship teams have that chemistry so I wish he would be there.
  10. It would be nice to have Manley step up and have C, RG, and RT taken care over for the next near decade if we can resign them all. But between Manley, Reynolds, and Johnson we need some one to step up because in the future that's one more draft pick we can use to find a stud RB, TE, or our future number 2 WR.
  11. There's no way this move was made to free up space for Matt. We have needs in the draft but depending on how the draft falls we may need to sign some FA to make it as complete as possible this season. Guys like Seymour, Abe, and Dansby.
  12. We know how this coaching staff is with young guys, a move like this speaks volumes about Holmes. We get a guy like Larry Warford and from Center to right tackle we could be set for years although I'm excited to see Manley, Reynolds, and Johnson battle for RG.
  13. Holmes at RT and we are looking to trade due Revis or bring in Dansby and Abe.
  14. Abe is coming back there's no doubt it unless we draft a DE and I don't think we will. I think we will trade back and get as much kelp as possible for DT LB CB and being Abe back.
  15. I don't believe we're done signing guys. We will see what we can get in the draft and then there's a possibility for a signing like this. I think the focus right now is the draft and resigning Matt. Once we so that and see the money available we will add some guys. But I wouldn't expect anything until after the draft.
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