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  1. Condolences and prayers for Roddy and his family from the Saints community.
  2. Schiano should be available. That's my dream scenerio for the falcons.
  3. This team never was that good. You don't have the luck you had last year and this what happens.
  4. I think Mattiocre has played a great game.
  5. This is my favorite Matt Ryan pic.
  6. I'll admit I don't like to see the falcons have any success, and that's because I neither like nor respect the team or it's fans. I would definitely rather have the Saints success over the past four years than that of the falcons.
  7. Are bounties dirty? Yes. Is widespread across the league? Yes. Are falcon fans stupid? **** yes.
  8. I agree. As a Saints fan I hope you keep the current staff in place for years.
  9. We did our part, when are the falcons gonna knock us out of the playoffs? Oh wait, you couldn't get past the first round. Again.
  10. I rather enjoyed it. Will atl be drafting a QB next year?
  11. I think he represents your culture perfectly.. he's a loud mouthed idiot.
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