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  1. STOP IT!!!! The Saints WILL beat the Vickings and will be crowned Devision Champions This Sunday. Period. Then we will beat you on Monday night Football like we beat everybody. Don't be prisoner of the moment, you beat a bad team just like you beat the Colts and thought you had it all figured out then in came the Saints and well we know what happed. ; )
  2. Yeah these quarterbacks suck, if you want to see a quality QB watch Jay Leno tonight Drew Brees will be on.
  3. Although the Saints defense nearly gave the game away in the end not covering Douglas.
  4. Under Sean Payton and Drew Brees the Falcons are our bi&@$. We own you ,bend over and take! And when you come to the Super Dome in December don't forget to pack the lube.
  5. You really think your gonna come in our Dome and beat us in primetime, you couldn't even beat Green Bay in your own house. .......... 4th and 1
  6. "Alright Saints let's all gather on the Falcons logo"." Dunbar a little closer to the left, good, Say cheese".
  7. What you REALLY hate is that Drew and his boys have beat you again and again and again!!
  8. You faggot *** Falcons always crying about something ! "They disrespected our injured quarterback", "They took a photo on our logo", well Sunday I hope they take **** on it after they beat you.
  9. I think the Falcons WILL win this one and WE will win the Monday night game in December!!.
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