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  1. No ... but we'll manage to win three out of the last five so we can miss out on a good player in the draft.
  2. I'ma only gonna say it once ..
  3. Nothing but respect Joe......
  4. I'm skakin' my head, AND applauding, at the same time.
  5. One thing you should add is a well fortified door at the bottom of the stairs so nobody can waltz in on you when you don't feel like company.
  6. dang.... i should have remembered that people don't get it if it's not painted purple
  7. Yes folks,I'm dead serious. We need to be allowed to expand our roster to at least One Hundred and Sixty if for no other reason than to provide a little relief for the long suffering brethren among us who,(every three minutes or so) are heard to yell out that most favorite of off season battle cries ...." Bring Him Home TDeeeee" What do you think ??
  8. your number six selection , ummm... don't we already have a safety who knees the ball after catching it ?
  9. in my humble opinion that kid they stashed in the practice squad,Devin Gray, will be an improvement over Hall.
  10. hahahaha...I just love how easily you spend billions and billions of Arthur's money.
  11. He did, 2/5/17, with four minutes to go,and the game basically won he allowed Shanahan to act as head coach for offense.
  12. This guy looks EXACTLY what we had hoped Duke would be like.
  13. Getting a life usually helps !
  14. Bring him home TD....... or not !
  15. Yes, but with an air fryer you can't watch the fat drip away from the grill as you're wiping the drool from your mouth.