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  1. I don't post on here often, I was just scrolling through my phone and found a screenshot from what I believe was after the third preseason game, when this board hit a full blown panic to start Schaub. I would post this in it's own topic but I don't have the privilege so someone feel free to. So here it is, and to the members on this board, eat crow.
  2. The Raiders will play from behind majority of the game(hopefully), and be forced for more throwing rather than runs. This has been their problem all season, don't expect it to change now.
  3. They can just have Dunta for nothing for all i care. Just give him away
  4. And by right calls and moves, im assuming you mean the firing of Mularkey and BVG!!
  5. You just gave Newton the "it" factor? Dude has blown so many clutch moments. Sure he throws for 5000 yards a game, but in that final drive or final two drives, he chokes. Vick has the "it" factor too? He choked last year in the playoffs, he choked against the eagles in 05, and he choked every other year in the playoffs. Technically, those two have choked more than Ryan ever has. Oh and btw, since Matt joined the league, most 4th qtr comebacks. Not that thats a great stat to have, but in final minutes he does have the "it" factor.
  6. Guys, lets face it, Matt is a pretty good qb. We all know this year started off bad for him, as he stepped up his game to 29tds 12ints with over 4000 yds, a qb rating in the 90's is a pretty solid year. Sure we didn't win today. But we lost as a team. This blame isn't completely on Matt. Its just a stepping stone, once he elevates his game in the playoffs we are set. I mean come on everyone, four straight winning seasons, three playoff births, admit it or not but Matt has elevated this team to a place we have never been. Sure he hasn't reached the ring yet, HES YOUNG. The team is YOUNG. Give it time people. Give it time
  7. Amen. Being reminded of that 2007 season. . Man that almost makes me happy we have Decoud. . But not quite.
  8. So we lose Turner to a groin, and Grimes to a knee. Abraham hasn't practiced and Julio didn't either. Good thing we have Decoud or boy would i panic......
  9. Do you wait for articles to just trash Ryan? I mean, if Ryan would have underthrown White, you would be talking about how garbage Ryan is and how, and im almost quoting you exactly, "Sad it is for Roddy and Julio to not get for production because of Noodle-Arm." Furthermore; you have become one of the greatest known Hypocrites on this board, congrats.
  10. Hahahahaha before i even clicked on this i saw that "Mr 3 and out" aka "Phalcon Phil" was the last person to comment. I knew that he would somehow manage to turn this around on "Noodle arm" Ryan, and sure enough; he did. This marks one of the 73ppd , cant wait to find the 72 others about Ryan.
  11. Lol Phalcon Phil is the biggest troll ive seen. Every single post, he throws in his thoughts of our "noodle arm" qb. haha. Because if we didnt get JJ we could have gotten Blaine Gabbert (Yeah hes great), Andy Dalton(hes a champ), Jake Locker(Psh Hasselback owns him). Man our terrible qb is a joke. According to Phalcon Phil we NEED A NEW QB to succeed
  12. Biggest problem i have with this game is, RODDY WHITE DROPPING ANOTHER PASS. Luckily, he got a pass interference call. But lets be honest, that ball went right through his hands. Well thrown, hits him in the hands, and just dropped. Its getting scary.
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