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  1. I'm going to the game as well, doing the party pass ticket they have where you get to stand up for the whole game lol. Ill have an extra ticket since a buddy flaked out on me if someone wants it.
  2. I live in Louisiana and people are losing their minds here and it is so great. It's funny how now all the stuff I said about Graham (being soft, cant handle anyone being physical, etc...) are the same things Saints fans are saying now lol.
  3. I really want the Falcons to win one or two super bowls just to shut up all the idiotic Saints fans I have to deal with on a daily basis (I live in Louisiana) who's only comeback to everything is that we won a title and you didn't.
  4. 1. Sean Payton 2. Saints Fanbase 3. Lofton 4. Brees 5. Graham 6. Cam 7. Vaccaro 8. Heath Evans 9. Hicks 10. Kaepernick
  5. We have replaced every member of his coaching staff now, so he's the last one to be changed out if we mess up again. I think if we look like the same old team as usual (same issues in the 3rd quarter holding leads, being outcoached by the Saints yet again, etc..) then he is gone, but if there is significant change and we just come short then his past track record will give him another year to prove himself.
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