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  1. As long as people are buying tickets and merchandise why should Blank do anything? He's a business man.. you gotta hit his pockets to spark any change at this point. People buy season tickets before they even get to see the product execute.. meanwhile Blank laughing to the bank.
  2. Tru really has been a different player since his shoulder injury vs Tampa though. I don't know what happened. Seems like his confidence died in that game.
  3. This is my problem.. he's not a playmaker. He's suppose to be the guy that plays the stickiest coverage and prevents QBs from throwing his way. The thing is.. we know he's not a playmaker and now he's getting beat by lesser talent on a consistent basis. I love Tru but I just have to question his consistency and purpose at this point.
  4. I wouldn't totally be against trading him. I respect his game wholeheartedly but he continues to not make plays even when they are literally GIVEN to him. Think he dropped a pick vs NO and now a pick vs Bengals in decisive moments.
  5. Something has to happen. This is historic. 8 consecutive drives by opposing offenses and 8 consecutive TDs. I've never seen a defense allow that in my life.
  6. I guess he's going to play that Alvin Kamara roll here. He seems more elusive than Freeman and Coleman. Doesn't seem to have break away speed.. but I'm not sure. Nobody really has any numbers on him.
  7. Am I the only person sick of seeing the toss play for -2 yards? lmao Vikings play calling was atrocious. This week he did better but Ryan just didn't execute well. Tevin and Freeman looked solid on the ground. Just wish he would stretch the defense more by using them in a 3WR 2RB set. That would be interesting to see.
  8. Sark called a decent game. The execution on offense was pretty poor outside of the first and last drives of the game. Ryan just looked so uncomfortable and indecisive this game. Tried to force throws to Julio.. you just gotta trust other guys and throw the ball away. Left 6 points off the board because of his mistakes.
  9. Anybody see the gif of Ryan saying.. "What are we doing?" preplay before he threw the interception before halftime. Jesus smh.. there was a obvious communication issue coming out of a review AND a TIMEOUT.
  10. The interesting part, defense looked better when we played man... way better than the predictable cover 3 we ran the first half. Maybe we've been running the wrong scheme lol
  11. They've been historically bad with picks so I guess they're trying something new lol.. Taking proven players isn't a bad idea unless of course they can't sign him.
  12. That was pissing me the **** off. Especially on a 3RD AND 3.... WHYYYYYYYYYYY? Just 4 man rush with guys on edge containing.
  13. After playing more man coverage. The issue was losing contain when we played man...
  14. Update: Season 2 of my CFM league. I won the bowl with the revamped Falcons. I'll post pics of roster and developed players if you guys want to see it. We're a All-Madden, 32 man, EXTREMELY ACTIVE LEAGUE.
  15. If you want all sports in high quality on kodi (ppvs, boxing, mma, nba, nfl and ect.) it cost $23 for 3 months of SportsMania. I've been using it and I love it.
  16. Pro Sport addon is basically nflstreams on reddit.
  17. I really wanted us to grab him instead of Sanu this past offseason. Kid is really doing well in Detroit despite the team being terrible as usual. Would have been interesting to see him and Julio teamed up.
  18. I was definitely one of the people who thought the chemistry was totally off between him and Ryan last season. I've been pretty impressed first few games, just want to see how it plays out an entire season. Offense looks difficult to stop. Denver and Seahawks will give us a pretty good gauge of how real this all is.
  19. Heart and soul of getting penalties. He has all the athleticism Tru has but teams seem to pick on him a lot. & at times he flashes well like he did at the end of this game or the Redskins game last year. The issue still remains though, when will we get to see him be more consistent game to game?
  20. Great win but he has a point. Robert Alford is by far our most inconsistent defender on the team. I really hope he's moved to slot duty when Collins comes back.
  21. Called a very solid game. A little skeptical still because Saints defense is absolutely terrible. Only negative I seen were the bootlegs to the left. I don't think Ryan completed a pass on ANY OF THEM...
  22. Definitely the worst play I've seen in his NFL career thus far. I'm trying to remain optimistic about Vic but that play was more mental than physical. He predetermined that he was going to the spin move. I think a spin move was totally a bad idea for the down and distance vs a QB who can run. Just seems like he's lacking the instincts needed at the snap of the ball.
  23. Matt Ryan + Shanahan is basically oil and water right now. Thus far, the chemistry between the two just isn't working. I don't think it necessarily means either of them is bad at their job. It's just that they aren't a good fit together. It's painful to sit here and watch the offense produce this poorly while watching the Dolphins move the ball quite effortlessly. We had a easy schedule last year and still struggled. Our schedule is downright difficult this year, it's hard to look forward to this season with optimism. The defensive line pass rush is nothing short of pitiful. It looks like we're going to have to invest some pieces to grab a Myles Garrett type talent in the draft. If we continue on this current path, we'll be right in position to pick him top 3. :-(
  24. It's all about the man behind the sticks bruh.
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