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  1. Or take it at face value and it's a positive statement? Doesn't need to become some political ish... My mount Rushmore: Ryan Julio Tuggle Nobis
  2. Are you ready for the complainers when some clown from ESPN gives them a F even though said clown has doesn't break down tape
  3. Curious why did buddy fall out of the 1st? What were the knocks. Either way I'm happy we need more beasts and dawgs. Grady and Marlon bout to feast
  4. This thread should be pinned. This is the epitome of the draft complainers.
  5. What do draft grades prove? Some of yall just complaining without doing a lick of research and just regurgitate what Mel Kiper says
  6. Hopefully MR2 and this staff can teach him to find those zone soft spots in sit down. Maybe even bring in the great HOFer Tony G to learn em
  7. It's moronic to think the Falcons would fire DQ for KS for all the reasons mentioned. Just have to chalk it up to bad bad typical Falcons luck. One coaching hire away from KS if you wanted him. And here is is back in the SB using that Falcons experience as a learning moment to give the niners another Superbowl smh
  8. How would have this worked? "Thanks for getting us to the Superbowl in the 2nd year DQ now get the frick out of here". The team could never hire another coach again
  9. You have cap in your name, yet you don't understand how it works?
  10. Not many 6'3 240 running backs that run a 4.4 forty out there
  11. Hasn't DQ split or swept the Saints since he's been here?
  12. The Saints losing gave me so much life. They should bottle it and sell it as an energy drink
  13. Wow I didn't watch the game because thought the saints had it easily and don't like hearing and seeing them win. Wow wow wow!
  14. Typical Falcons making this a **** of a decision. Why can't they either be good enough to win or bad enough to make personnel changes easier smh
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