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  1. This game in my opinion is the barometer. Coming off a huge win at home, can we beat the teams we should beat soundly? Will we be able to impose our will?
  2. Really thought this was one of those pitchforks up topics. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  3. I'm admittedly still bitter about the SB, but there is no denying that KS is a master at game planning to confuse and exploit and excellent play caller.
  4. This man said to trade 2 first and maybe Keanu Neal for an older RB with significant injury history
  5. WTF is Mark Ingram doing there? Did anyone tell him it's not 40 donuts?
  6. Since you can see in the future can you tell me the lotto numbers? TC you spewed alot of stuff there, can you explain why you think that way and what would you have done differently? I swear people think they are experts because they saw some highlights on YouTube and maybe watched one Clemson game
  7. This team isn't cursed, but the fact that the boys lost the Superbowl in the fashion and only two years later the hated rival team has the best chance win it in our house gotta be something
  8. Welp another year of "wait until they learn the system, next year will be our year!"
  9. Would Quinn and Zimmer even get along? They are pretty different stylistically and personality wise
  10. backup to the backup is 4/4 did I hear redzone correctly?
  11. No resistance. Hot knife thru butter
  12. Quinn shouldn't be fired. But TD has to go imo
  13. Anyone else watch games like these on mute? Couldn't imagine hearing the swamp rats cheer their butts off while thru score a million. Just like the Patriots game last year you just feel an awhoopin coming
  14. 1) Trade deadline has been over for weeks 2) His last name is Kupp 3) Poor attempt at humor dude