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  1. What's with these analysis? One says he has terrific field speed while the other says he's slow
  2. For the Broncos to get him? I was wondering the same thing...
  3. I'm about it. I hope we don't get the dreaded "HC gives up play calling duties" in about 2 to 4 yrs. That always seems to be the kiss of death
  4. Wait Mike Smith Arthur Smith WHAT IS BLANK/MCKAY DOING???
  5. Hasn't this guy walked away with health problems twice? We don't need another Bobby B on our hands...
  6. If Wakk spend all the time in Twitter improving his game and conditioning he would be the GOAT
  7. Hindsight is 20/20 but the fact is Sark came in an impossibly tough situation and had those boys a game and play away from the NFC championship and on the right track in 2018. He was scape goated hard
  8. Or take it at face value and it's a positive statement? Doesn't need to become some political ish... My mount Rushmore: Ryan Julio Tuggle Nobis
  9. Are you ready for the complainers when some clown from ESPN gives them a F even though said clown has doesn't break down tape
  10. Curious why did buddy fall out of the 1st? What were the knocks. Either way I'm happy we need more beasts and dawgs. Grady and Marlon bout to feast
  11. This thread should be pinned. This is the epitome of the draft complainers.
  12. What do draft grades prove? Some of yall just complaining without doing a lick of research and just regurgitate what Mel Kiper says
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