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  1. This team isn't cursed, but the fact that the boys lost the Superbowl in the fashion and only two years later the hated rival team has the best chance win it in our house gotta be something
  2. Welp another year of "wait until they learn the system, next year will be our year!"
  3. Would Quinn and Zimmer even get along? They are pretty different stylistically and personality wise
  4. backup to the backup is 4/4 did I hear redzone correctly?
  5. No resistance. Hot knife thru butter
  6. Quinn shouldn't be fired. But TD has to go imo
  7. Anyone else watch games like these on mute? Couldn't imagine hearing the swamp rats cheer their butts off while thru score a million. Just like the Patriots game last year you just feel an awhoopin coming
  8. Falcons Defense is like a slot machine with multipliers What should be a 2 yd gain is a 4 yd gain, etc.
  9. 1) Trade deadline has been over for weeks 2) His last name is Kupp 3) Poor attempt at humor dude
  10. Thankful we didn't play the Browns earlier in the season. Or like all records they would have snapped it against the Falcons. Life sure is suffering as a Falcons fan. Just think the Aints could have lost to the Browns and would have been 0-2 with some serious turmoil going on in their house.
  11. Inconsistency and bad luck seem to be hallmarks of Georgia sports teams. Oh - and not finishing. A year after the Falcons blew that lead, here comes the Bulldogs with their hold my beer moment.
  12. I think the window is still open slightly but Gramma is cold and heading over to shut it
  13. Also super proud of you DC Falcons fans. Yall were really loud and proud. In spots, it sounded like a home game for the Falcons.
  14. The ramblings of a few loud crazy people doesn't equal the whole board
  15. It's Quinn. Two N. I've seen you make that mistake a couple times now. Cmon man But I do agree it's nice seeing the Rams be aggressive and have a win now approach. They even have the luxury to wait as their key components are all young but they decided to say F that and go for broke. Falcons don't have that luxury with an 30+ QB. I'm not saying we have to break the bank and trade our picks, but it would be nice to see a little aggression out of the front office every once in a while. Especially with the window open but closing soon.