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  1. Im with steve. This board is better for havin people that arent going to go around lying and being mean anytime they get the chance.
  2. I seen it get worse over time and its a darn shame that only a few people are making it bad for everyone else.
  3. Steve and squak are tellin it like is. Its no suprise that some dont want to hear it.
  4. I seen a movie on youtube that shown how they goin to use insurance as a way of takin money from the likes of me and given it to the people taht dont even pay no taxes. I dont know how we is going to fix this.
  5. liebrals will say whatever they has to to get elected or win an arguement. I think its more then half that dont like obummercare but im not sure.
  6. well at least someone is tellin the truth. keep it up squeek.
  7. I took my first wife to see this one live when it came out back when. im sure hollywood is going to make it about obama so he is elected
  8. Rice is good for you I thought. I didnt mean she ate cheese and brocoli I mean she eats cheese on her brocoli because she is working to better health.
  9. Were are you from? I dont talk like someone from new york or washigton thats for sure.
  10. How can someone eat themself into being black? or disable
  11. Well sometimes she goes to the store at the end of the day after doing all of her motherly duties like keepin the house up and tendin to her fixins. My wife doesnt hit me. Im not married to the one that did no more. SHe left me years back.
  12. Well shes goes to the bathroom just fine on her own so I dont have to take it out of her thank god. I agree with what your saying. She didnt choose to be fat yet people all over the place try to tear her down. Yet on the same side you have people that choose to be homosexual and they has all sorts of people trying to protect them. It dont make much sense at all if you ask me.
  13. My wife uses of them carts and shes far from lazy. She goes running and takes care of the kids and chases anything with legs that runs around on our house. She has to use a cart because she gets winded early and it takes a good bit for her to keep going once she hits certain point. But if she is eating right and trying real hard I dont see why its fair for you to get after her. I wouldnt do that to you.
  14. She likes any other red blood American she likes fries and cereal and she likes to eat vegetables like cheese and brocoli so she can eat healthy. She used to get on to runnin for about an hour at a time and nothing would happen. I aint seen something like that before.
  15. Well you just said you want to make the people who take them carts in the grocery store wear some sign or something. She didnt choose to be this way so I dont really think you are being very kind about any of that right now. I dont think you would be making fun if it were someone you loved.
  16. Fat may not be a handicapped by my wife cant help how she is. She can eat nothin but rice and burgers and run all of the time but she wont lose nothing for some reason. We took her to some people but they says she has a thyroid so thats why. So I dont think its fair to act like they all have a choice in the matter.
  17. I think all of the liberal media are going to try to talk like Ryan isnt really like they say he is which is what we should expect for an election. I dont think yall guys need to be arguing on each other like you are.
  18. You throw the butter in the pool so the snake has its attention. Then you take a candle and put in a bag on the edge of the pool. The sname wont like butter in the water and it will go to the flame.
  19. I dont see why thats a bad idea cause my kids aint gonna see nothing of social security when they get old. Thats just not fair. Now if they had the options to invest that money or to make it grow it would be a lot different.
  20. If you thrown a stick of butter in their and start a fire in a bag it will go striaght to it.
  21. When people talk about proving god I always point outside and ask if that is proof for them. It is for me. I dont understand what you are saying here because the goverment didnt give me the right to speak my mind god did. The goverment can tell me whatever it wants and I can do the same so I thank god for that. I never owned anyone so I dont know why you said that last part. I dont know anyone who has.
  22. I would of picked Herman Cane because he is the only one who knew how to run a business without having the goverment come along and do it for him like Obama talks about. If he declined I woulda chose Newt because he is smarter then all of them. And he has a history of being conservative when people didnt think it was popular.
  23. I think this is going To push Romney over the top so he can win against Obama. I like him because he doesnt lie about money like the rest of them and we all know he is going to eat Bidon for lunch.
  24. Well I dont cotton to that one cause I think god is the one that made it so we could be free not the goverment.
  25. Id like to go to see it in close but I cant do much by way of standing around on account of my leg and all. I would like to see them boys play.
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