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  1. Yep. Their tears are delicious
  2. This was the late birthday present I needed. Lmao
  3. And yet, it isn't. I wonder if Brees is going to cry when he realizes he's never going to have the chance to win MVP ever again. A win here would've helped a lot. Chin up buttercup. Now we can watch the SuperBowl on our couches together.
  4. Joyner with the T-Rex arms and zero hops lmao, even I could've swatted that ball away.
  5. Gurley choking hard. Choke meister. Liability on the field.
  6. Yeah, I'm a little more down on Howard than I was due to his lack of "dog" - just doesn't seem to want to finish as much. You probably have him ranked about right. Really smooth mover in pass protection though.
  7. Nice thing is Andrus Peat is struggling with injury (ideally he'll be healthy next year, but for now Donald can feast) and Rankins is out, which hurts their run D (hopefully he recovers well). Plays to the Rams advantage nicely.
  8. He might slip. But given his character since the incident I doubt he will too much. Ideally, it's enough to land with us.
  9. Jeffrey Simmons | 6'4 300 lbs | Mississippi State | Defensive Tackle Decided to make a highlight video that showed off what a beast he is. All due respect to the others making highlight videos for him, but they're crappy. Tons of close ups and everything is going too fast. This should give you an idea of the absurd strength he has, the leverage he plays with, and how disruptive he is. Hate comparing players too much, especially since this guy is going to be a whole other animal of his own with Pro Bowls on his belt (imho), but if anything he's a lot like Fletcher Cox. ((sorry//not sorry for the music, I love LUM and the song is hilarious)) Feel free to watch him in full games on YouTube as well - had tons of other plays pushing the pocket like crazy or redirecting runs that I didn't include. And before you say he isn't large enough to be good against the run...please watch. The push he gets on a consistent basis is phenomenal. Rarely rocked back, and usually only on double teams. Anyways, yeah. One of many draft crushes. Here's hoping. @MSalmon@Knight of God@ltstorm2@runshoot Pretty sure you were all unimpressed with him before, if not my bad for tagging.
  10. He did - but I did digging and it was provoked/family related. Woman was attacking his sister and insulting his two dead nephews. No issues since then. Lmao this has jack all to do with how good DL is, look at all the best DLs in the league. Literally any of them. If we get a big boy they'll be on the field maybe 20% of snaps.
  11. My b. Yeah I definitely confused you for other people in that thread about who we should pick at 14 I think
  12. I actually like that comp. Seems very Burner-esque.
  13. A more Belichik move is trading Julio, Beasley, and Alford. Last year. Not saying it's a good move either. But it's a Beli one.
  14. The official Falcons Twitter retweeted Kelsey Conway's article about how the Falcons have no front runner but are interested in certain coaches still in the playoffs. This page is run by social media representatives in the Falcons org who can only post legitimate news. D-Led's scoop came just a few hours later and has not been mentioned a bit on that page. It has no reputable backing. Keep in mind this is the same guy who reported we were signing Rex Ryan at head coach, that we had agreed to terms with Brent Grimes, that we were losing multiple high picks due to Noisegate, that we were trying to trade up for Todd Gurley, etc. The dude probably writes his articles with a crayon. He just wants to be the first on something - anything - so he makes stuff up before anyone else and hopes he's right. If Koetter is hired, I'll change my profile pic to a pic of D-Led. Dude is a tool. He doesn't have a clue. You'll see.
  15. That's the thing. Seen some people say he's too small, they've had enough "small" kidding me?
  16. Lil Ugly Mane
  17. B*tching about the Falcons.
  18. People are thinking way too hard about Ed Oliver. That's the only reason he has a shot at falling to us. I've seen you're a huge Montez Sweat fan, @MSalmon. I respect your opinion, so don't take this the wrong way, but if you seriously think Sweat is more worthy of the #14 pick than Oliver, you need to start watching both again...and try to act like you've never seen either before.
  19. Nah...a lot of talented coaches have one. See Sean McVay, Doug Pedersen, etc
  20. Reminds me more of David Johnson than anyone. Nasty jump cut and ability as a receiver. I wouldn't be upset if we took him in the 2nd. Don't see any way he lasts that long though. If we're talking a guy to replace Teco, Bryce Love is being insanely underrated by just about everyone right now. Was hit behind his porous line the majority of snaps and when he had decent blocking, it was ALWAYS a big play. He's going to kill it in the NFL. Speed in spades. He's more physical than Teco too. Hard finisher.
  21. Definitely RBs, receiving-wise. Hopefully he runs more too. Saubert could break out.
  22. I like Senat, but people toss around the term "Beast" too easily. He had a good rookie season. Hyperbole like this is why people wind up disappointed with players for not overachieving.
  23. What I think people dislike about it is that it seems lazy. The player you chose there - at least as of now - is slated to go after you would have been without trading up. It feels like a waste, and we barely moved up. If you'd listed someone ranked higher, I think it'd be more palatable. Not saying I think that's why you did it, or even that you should change. You clearly put work into this mock, and you have good reasons for that specific trade. But I don't know why you're acting surprised at people disliking that aspect of it.