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  1. This episode was my favorite yet. All caught up. Wow.
  2. The third party voter shamers can **** right off too tbh. Both Dems and Republicans have made it impossible for any third party candidates to have a fair chance. I mean, I'm voting Biden. Doesn't mean I like it
  3. Body isn't even cold and scum**** Mitch is talking about Trump's nominee. **** this whole earth. **** the spineless Dems, and **** the authoritarian weasel***** in the GOP.
  4. The argument he posed doesn't make sense at all, especially since the Falcons schedule is arguably a good bit harder than the Cowboys.
  5. **** you right, I should've gone back to actually watch it, that's my b
  6. None of this is true though...the Wilson one was because it was an option play and he overran it coming across the field (could've reacted quicker but it was his first pro game and it's a TD if Russ tossed it and he gunned for Russ), the fumble was on Foye, not Terrell, and the last one just doesn't make any sort of sense.
  7. Really? Our nickel blitzes, route disruption, and general harassment via scheme of Rodgers are by far the biggest reason we've always beat up McCarthy's Packers. McCarthy has never beat Quinn's Falcons (only game they've beat us in recently was after he was fired) whereas before Quinn (3 wins vs McCarthy Packers) we had 4 losses vs them straight. How were our players just beating theirs? Doesn't make an ounce of sense imho
  8. I'd take Bates in a second, not like a trade would ever happen but I feel like dude is crazy underrated because of the team he's surrounded with.
  9. Dude just lost to the Cardinals week 1, real funny timing for this thread. Falcons fans are a jilted ex.
  10. Little column A, little column B, but yeah - there's nothing wrong with Cover 3 whatsoever as long as it's used in the right situations, you disguise the coverage occasionally, vary the pressure, and have the right personnel. Y'know, like with every coverage. Thing is, we really don't have the right players. We should be running very little single high with our safety situation and our young CBs. Simple There's something to be said for mostly running variations of just a few different coverages since you can have so much variation within them and get really accustomed to your responsibili
  11. And that's the difference between converting 4th downs and missing all 4. Anytime we got momentum it was just...whoosh.
  12. I'm enjoying it. But then, I'm football starved.
  13. That Chubb/Hunt duo is nasty. Easy top 5 rushing team this year
  14. People really take the coach speak in press conferences seriously, huh? Kinda curious how many other teams' press conferences people here have watched
  15. Definitely their LB corps, the middle of their defense in general (LBs and Safeties) is really weak. Ideally, we'll see lots of seams and H-posts to open up the run, but also run a good bit early. Knowing this team, we'll play right to their advantage though... On offense, they have the pieces, but Dak breaks down easy if you get pressure, so I'm feeling alright with this DL. If we can pressure and confuse him early, bottle up Zeke and make Dak beat us in Cover 2. I don't think he can if we play it right. Lot of big "ifs" based on this team and how they're so all over the place week to we
  16. He's one of the worst when it comes to YAC every year for a reason
  17. Sure is awesome stuff watching the city residents shell out for this while the officers themselves face no charges. And people freaking out about players doing non-anthem related protest just shows, again, it was never about the anthem or the military to begin with. Or else chuds would care about stuff like Trump "conducting" an imaginary orchestra while the anthem goes on, fidgeting, etc. Never been about that. It's transparent BS.
  18. You mean like how the playbook we have is specifically catered to what Ryan's favorite plays are? Ryan's best season came when he had the least say about what he was doing lol
  19. Not easy to play defense when your offense gives them crappy field position after 4 failed 4th down conversions despite the defense making the Seahawks go 3/9 on 3rd down
  20. 2016 definitely felt worse, but in a different way. 2016 it was like, "really? The Bucs are doing this to us? Winston is clowning us to the tune of 4 TDs again?" Our run game looked terrible and our pass rush was nonexistent. I was over it. 2020 is more like..."got dayum, I know the Seahawks are good, but can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot already to help them out?" 4 TOs due to failed 4th down conversions and the only 4th down against us resulted in a TD. The only points they scored that weren't related to a 4th down were a result of a 3rd and 23 pass interference. It was...kind
  21. I wish I could even be surprised. None of his supporters give a **** anymore. This cult combined with the Q movement getting bigger could lead to some really scary stuff down the line for this country.
  22. Exactly. And even that 4th and 5 should have had a TO called, the players weren't ready at all.
  23. Considering everyone else is talking about how they were garbage last game and they're honed in on next game, no. That isn't a worry for me at all. My worry is our trash safeties and 3rd/4th down playcalling.
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