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  1. If these are unpopular I'd hate to see the popular opinions lol What do you think of the rooks on OL? Still meh? That's the only one I'm iffy on, but like...heavily biased here
  2. Still not giving up on Oliver, despite so many shortcomings. He's positioned so well so frequently in man. Not like I think he's a great player. Just nowhere near as bad as the numbers would say this year.
  3. Lol. Dude was 0-6 in the playoffs and barely over .500 in the regular season. He was terrible. Not like Quinn's having a good season, and I won't feel too bad after he gets fired, but he's easily had the most playoff success of any of our coaches. Mora was just entertaining. Rex Ryan was entertaining. Entertaining has nothing to do with what you see during the games.
  4. Goalline was bad from a coaching standpoint. The David Johnson play was 200% on players blowing assignments. Ish ****** us.
  5. Surprises me how many people don't realize @Champagne is a Saints troll of old. He just thinks it's funny to be fake positive and watch Falcons fans shoot it down.
  6. I mostly agree tbh. Looked best at nickel but is crazy flexible. Still don't think we'd be amazing though, too many people messing up basic assignments
  7. He's a solid backup. A great teammate and a guy that can play some snaps. Worrilow: Safety Edition. Nothing more.
  8. He also straight up had that defense playing better than anyone else, before and after. He just couldn't change the Falcons culture. Defense being this bad for this long goes beyond one HC.
  9. That'd require the Falcons FO to be intelligent
  10. I mostly agree, as long as there is a transformational talent (according to the GM) where we pick. Don't see a problem trading down from that high up otherwise tho
  11. I'm either having horrible deja vu or this is a replica of another thread from earlier today...
  12. I don't think OP is trying to troll, it all seems well intentioned. To @Realsurfin - haven't watched much of the last few games, but I think Matt's shoulder looks fine. Doesn't always set his feet, but that's the main issue. Still seeing phantom pressure. Making better decisions than earlier this season though.
  13. Vic just doesn't care. All the talent in the world and he doesn't ******* care.
  14. If you wanna go 2016 tho, Beasley was an All Pro that year. Doesn't matter that it was the exception to the rule, it happened. That draft just wasn't great in the 1st tbh
  15. They hated Bud more than TATF hates Beasley for a while. A lot of people still hate him. And Gurley wouldn't have done anything for our problems.
  16. Agree. See what you've got in the other players on DL. Not like we're winning anything. Don't mind keeping Allen for now
  17. Okudah, Derrick Brown, etc...the problem isn't who to take as much as it is finding a trade partner.
  18. I agree with him though. People are losing responsibilities on incredibly simple plays. That's where almost all the big plays against us have come from.
  19. Didn't need ref help either.
  20. Brees and Ryan would be tops for sure. (In this era)
  21. MNF

    Refs just have too much influence. Don't think I'll be watching any games next week. Sunday ticket is dying too. Stream that **** if you have to.
  22. MNF

    When have we ever gotten calls? Might as well root for a different team because I don't see why it would change. Side note. Really wish we had made a play for Preston Smith. And not just saying that, I was going hard for him and Ziggy Ansah.
  23. LMAO this parody was so on point
  24. At this point, it isn't even all on not being aggressive enough. It's on the cowards playing defense not being able to beat the guy across from him.