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  1. So the Arizona results were reversed? Just making sure. Enjoy the ice copium tho
  2. No one was saying Ryan looked good against the Eagles. You're making Mills out to be a messiah in a game where he's done even less.
  3. Are you talking about the same QB with a whopping 6 points and 99 yards in the 4th? I actually looked up the game out of interest in what you said and laughed when I saw what was actually happening
  4. What are your thoughts @JDaveG? Mean that genuinely - politicians on both sides of the aisle are pretty much impervious and I was wondering why literally no one is ever held accountable. You'd think it would happen occasionally.
  5. Holy ****, I really just thought it was a picture superimposed. What even is this country
  6. Condescend harder. It's really helping you prove your point. You being facetious is clear but doesn't change the point being made. Just makes you out to be an ***, and anecdotally fits you into that box of the arrogant Dem who doesn't have to justify themselves to anyone. Still didn't prove one thing about the "defund" narrative narrative or provide any evidence. Just anecdotal BS about GOP attacking Dems. I'm talking about actual evidence. Even a survey about that and election attitudes. Otherwise, again, you're just throwing out BS without support. And you're pretty much saying that the progressives didn't do anything based on arbitrary criteria, so I'll stop even trying to have a good faith discussion. Thanks for not addressing how Dems did jack**** with the previous majorities too. This is barely better than the time I tried to talk to BBL.
  7. You keep saying that, so I'll wait while you produce that evidence. Thanks. Not talking about people on the boards, just addressing the people on the boards while making an argument that uses lots of "you" language. Aight. They flipped some seats in 2020 if you're counting flipping from liberal/centrist to progressive. Bowman, Newman, Bush, etc. And they won some primaries against centrists, while not losing seats in places they already had. But unfortunately most of those were in really difficult places already, where something more incremental is necessary (red->centrist->prog). And fwiw, centrist Dems are the ones who lost seats...so that's a pretty garbage argument to begin with. I'm not even a progressive fwiw. Maybe by American standards, elsewhere I feel I'd be considered more conservative. But this argument is so bad For someone with your academic background you sure love to turn around and strawman. They're trying to get things done more than Centrist Dems and that just isn't arguable. The efficacy is, sure, but I like to at least see people give a ****
  8. Can you provide evidence for this pretty wild assertion? Thanks. Yeah, this is an Atlanta Falcons forum right? If the people here cared we would've flipped Georgia to give Dems a majority, and then they would pass their agenda. Clearly, people on these boards just aren't doing enough. Come on man. The narrative doesn't work. Even when Dems had 57 seats and Reps had 41 after 2008, they weren't getting this stuff done that you're claiming they could. I get the idea that progressives need to vote for more progressives to get things working, but by that same token it doesn't make sense to pressure them so heavily to vote Dem. There's a reason hopelessness permeates politics, and it isn't because of some BS like progressives not caring enough about change. It's because messaging is more important to Dems than actually accomplishing anything.
  9. Really don't see it, but that'd be awesome. I'm really optimistic about this team's future, but I have a hard time seeing them even break .500 this year. That'd say a ton about the coaching.
  10. If we're sticking with that metaphor, I view it as the Falcons having built an impressive speedboat in 2016. When the motor was removed, instead of looking at new motors, the Falcons grabbed a couple oars and asked them to "act the same" as the previous motor. When that wasn't working, they started taking pieces of the boat off to make it go faster, and then tearing bigger pieces off to try and make propellors, only stopping at port to spend all their money on booze and silk sails. Lipstick on a pig (or a boat). Now, Fontenot and Smith are tasked with just getting the ship to stay afloat long enough to see which parts are salvageable before they build a new one. They didn't have the money to build it in one off-season, so it's a season geared towards analysis and trying to make it work as best they can. Key point being that they're trying to make it work and win when they can - they didn't buy a whole new boat because they know the old one has some useful bits. But it's ultimately going to be torn apart to build something better.
  11. This team is soooooo much more than a coach away. No team in the league with a worse DE group imho. The team in general is just woefully talent deficient, though I like the moves we've been making with limited choices. We'll have both more cap space and a better idea of deficiencies in the team for next off-season.
  12. Hennessy is definitely not as versed in blitz pickup as Mack was and it shows. Light years better as an OL than last year though. Pretty impressive leap from rookie year to now. And he's smart enough to get blitz pickup down...esp once the rest of the OL is communicating and on the same page too.
  13. Hope to see us come out strong against the Giants. The Bucs were getting scared at a point. Going for it on 4th in their own territory. The pick 6 just killed all momentum
  14. Nawwwwwww, you're coached to let that one go. Just an incredible spin by the punter
  15. Henny needs to stop looking between his legs before the snap every time he's in shotgun. It's letting the DL tee off.
  16. It does. Not even trying to make the Bucs respect anything outside the first 10 yards.
  17. But hey, whatever. If anything this has been uglier in terms of how it reflects on Smith than last game already, but I'm still gonna give him a chance to figure it out. Looks like he's in over his head and just kinda wingin it. Idk what his gameplan is supposed to be here. Doesn't look like they have one.
  18. Bruh have a little fun for once, telling people they can't enjoy the Saints misfortune because the Falcons crapped the bed last week is weak
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