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  1. My whole thing is that climate change is pretty much going to be irreparable with another term of Trump, especially with his emphasis on negligent deregulation (read: deregulation where it hurts instead of where it matters). And yeah, it's likely going to still be bad with this garbage Biden-Harris ticket, but at least we have a shot. Literally pitting the fate of the planet against the folks who pump up prison slaves. It's a ******* nightmare.
  2. There was hope (at least on my part) that he'd pick someone capable and decent like Duckworth since he'll inevitably either die in office or only serve one term since he's not exactly "there." Now, it's clear any hope of change is resting on Congress at best and complete overhaul (read: destruction) of the current system and its political parties at worst. I hate it. I'm essentially choosing between people I absolutely abhor to the point I"d rather just vote Libertarian or Green Party, even though neither candidate is all that charismatic. And I'm honestly privileged enough to be thinking about that, let alone thinking about moving out of the country...and that loops into guilt and wanting to help change things, and then apathy at how hopeless affecting that change might really be...awesome stuff.
  3. Harris as the nom is ******* stupid. I seriously don't get why they didn't go with Tammy Duckworth, as comparatively lesser known as she might be. Also a woman POC, but more progressive to appeal to a wider base. Not a cop, so she helps with the youth voter turnout. Also a disabled veteran, so Trump criticizing her could really be used to rile up the Dem base in addition to veterans (who are a huge voter contingent). Maybe they didn't want someone with convictions that strong. I'm just sick of this far-right/center-right "two party" ********. And the media has done such a good job convincing most people that isn't the case, that it's the other party they should hate...aight.
  4. I have the freedom to engage in debate if I feel like it, even if it's ultimately pointless. Side note - ignorantine.
  5. That isn't a problem because even if you fill out two ballots, only one will be counted. I receive a ballot for every party in the primaries (registered as Independent) but can only send one in and if I send in more than one, they won't count the ones that arrive after the first because my vote has already been counted once. There are pretty stringent ID requirements and you can track your specific ballot online. The fear mongering over absentee/mail-in ballots is really goofy tbh. I guess I'll give up on the executive order thing - if you seriously can't see how big of an issue that is, you don't want to. I'd love for you to explain how you're a moderate though. Have you taken this btw? I'd be interested to see where you land while answering honestly. https://www.politicalcompass.org/test
  6. This flat out isn't true though. Taxes aren't lowered, the employers have an OPTION to give employees a payroll tax cut (which is unethical as is, since it's a bypass to cut Social Security and Medicare if forgiven) and Trump made forgiving that debt conditional on his re-election. Most employers aren't going to go with this because they're held liable for the money at the end of the year and merely don't have to worry about it right now. Unemployment benefits being extended is coming partially out of the states pockets, which means the poorer states simply won't be able to afford it. On top of that, it's a PHENOMENAL breach of authority and due process, an open violation of the checks and balances currently in place, to try and reallocate funds and make budget decisions when that isn't the president's responsibility. Americans aren't protected from eviction either - it's a memorandum, not an executive order. On top of that, it only is effective for federally guaranteed mortgages, which is a tiny fraction of Americans affected. This not even mentioning the fact that he waited until after the initial stimulus effects had already lapsed...this is a political stunt at best to get Democrats to fight back so they're the "bad guys." Too bad Democrats in this country are glorified right-center babies who'll barely know how to fight this the right way.
  7. Don't forget the fall back of "if you're against this, you hate the military" Trump devotees will eat it up regardless. The majority of the country (not just them) doesn't care about the Constitution enough to understand what it entails, but everyone loves to act like it's important when it suits their agenda.
  8. This EO isn't just a load of crap, it's an unconstitutional load of crap. And the wording? Acting like Democrats blocked relief when the GOP sat around for MONTHS not even negotiating? Stupidass banana republic.
  9. One of my favorite beers of all time is the Heir Apparent from Lickinghole Creek. Some "spicy" beers are straight up nasty, but that's spice done right. Give it a look if you're ever in Virginia or somewhere close by that sells it.
  10. You're shaping your thoughts around what you're told again. There's no evidence of what you're saying having even a grain of truth. https://www.postaltimes.com/postalnews/survey-ranks-usps-as-top-brand/ https://news.gallup.com/poll/257510/postal-service-americans-favorite-federal-agency.aspx https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/02/07/the-worlds-best-post-offices/ What's happening with the USPS right now is flat out unconstitutional, and if you're willing to ignore that, you aren't the moderate you paint yourself as. Plain and simple. Few situations are black and white, but this is one of them.
  11. The ones eating it up are hardly true Christians anyways. Same people who think homophobia is sanctioned by the Bible. Same people who are "pro-life" but vehemently against M4A. It's about hate, not God.
  12. Guarantee that if people got more violent in pursuit of their ideals, they'd be murdered or incarcerated en masse to the cheers of 90%of the US. A friend of mine who could be described as a more radical libertarian tried to convince me that if people saw police officers/landlords/government officials being murdered, the majority of them would just stay in their homes or not call police to avoid being involved. No way. People still call the cops on their neighbors for being too loud. Not endorsing wanton killing, but FFS, a revolution in this day and age, when most people are alright with being witness to tyranny as long as they themselves are their definition of "comfortable" - even if that's miserable - I just don't see it happening.
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