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  1. Agree with the sentiment of your post, but what kinda autocorrect was this? I'm a little lost
  2. He won't even count against the cap based on his contract size and non-top 51 status.
  3. Not gonna see it in anything I could link or show you. What you said is made up. Just facts. Guess you're a lil sensitive but that's none of my business
  4. He wanted out before the new guys even got here. But nice fanfic bro
  5. Fauci has been in his current job for something like four decades and y'all only started getting upset at him when the bleach injecting troglodyte got buttsore about being contradicted. It's transparent and (punnily enough) reflects super poorly on your opinions.
  6. He said why in his post. Offense runs through the run game and TEs so unless we move on from Ridley ASAP, or the value is great, it doesn't make sense to prioritize WR
  7. Yeah, that'd be some offensive ish. Keep him and either he outs himself holding out (right after an extension essentially) or we have a killer corps no one in the NFL wants to see. Trade only if the right offer comes along. Not complicated
  8. Florio literally just throws **** at the wall to see what'll stick. His information is worth less than nothing
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to stay a Falcon but both isn't sure of the new staff yet (so why tie yourself down?) and knows the market is going to be better next year for a new contract. Gotta take care of himself first and foremost.
  10. This is a touchy subject with Jewish friends who feel like Israel isn't wrong because they have the "right" to that land. Much like some of the younger people in this vid
  11. Just another pissbaby struggling with the PTSD of a 2021 non-QB draft.
  12. It's all good. I got mugged while in Atlanta. Went through a weird time after but wouldn't be where I am without it. Hard to say. I think they could've won the Super Bowl.
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