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  1. It's funny until you remember they were our starting DEs from 2017-2019.
  2. I usually get the mango habanero wings at buffalo wild wings. Got some for veterans day since they were offering em free to vets and it went down (and came out) like lava...I knew they were 150-250k scovilles but made em with something special that day. Jesus Christ
  3. I guess the only thing to really do is answer the question Yes
  4. Get guys on the edge and at safety (easier said than done) and this team has all that need to make a run (player-wise). That can be used to say Dimi didn't need to go, but considering he didn't adequately address either spot in 12 years I'm thrilled.
  5. Why is anyone even engaging with someone who says they can judge a player by their performance on the field and not a coach? Might as well be directly saying that they have a surface level understanding of the game. Big man go rah and hit good. Accept that you're not getting anything out of the conversation and move on.
  6. Must be watching a different game. I love seeing the defense play like it is right now
  7. Trash for the last several years. Yep. Wilson is the best QB in the NFL if you ask me
  8. 35 ppg would be top 5 in NFL history. Dude wasn't the best ever but he was leagues ahead of Koetter (offense wasn't the problem while he was here) and didn't deserve all the **** he got. AB should've either fired everyone after 2018 or given the whole cast one last go. Firing Manuel and Sark just to keep DQ and bring in Koetter was stupid and there's no way around that fact
  9. If all this fearmongering leads to the GOP cannibalizing themselves, that'll be a nice twist to end 2020 with
  10. I know Tokay geckos dude. It'd be barking if it was actually suffering or upset, at worst the little guy was confused. Aight I'm gonna just stop with this one, enjoy your unethically farmed everything tonight ya jabroni
  11. "Called to action" is being holier-than-thou about a video of a lizard this guy happened across? I've seen the full video too and the guy who took the video didn't even put the lizard there, the lizard climbed on it. Dude just keeps chilling after the machine stops vibrating too. Geckos are pretty much jelly creatures and unless you're vegan (not just food-wise but in everything), and even then tbh, this **** is corny Suffering my ***
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