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  1. He made the job attractive because he has such great trade value. /purp
  2. I'm not gonna pretend I've read every post in this thread since I'm pretty **** busy, so I apologize if I'm far off. But pretty much every time I come in here, I see you defending Democrats against criticism being levied. It's subjective, but yeah, you seem like an apologist and a "the status is quo"er. Congratulating Dems for what little they've done compared to lofty promises of the early months...like, I get that it can take time. I'm fine with that. It's all the bull****ting and outright lying that bothers me, along with the people that excuse it because it's better than the GOP, as if tha
  3. It's not a charity Olympics thing, it's a you-being-dismissive-of-anything-Dems-mess-up thing. Sorry that people have standards?
  4. I'm literally hosting friends for dinner who can't pay for groceries on a regular basis so kindly **** off with the "seriousness of the issue" argument. If it was a promise he couldn't keep it shouldn't have been made
  5. That's pretty lofty. But I do think he'll make this defense respectable, which is more than they've been in a long time.
  6. Jets would be smart to take Sewell and have some killer bookend tackles, but they'll probably take Fields or Wilson. Dolphins get Sewell or surprise with a Chase/Pitts pick.
  7. https://saturdaytradition.com/ohio-state-football/former-ohio-state-head-coach-urban-meyer-calls-trevor-lawrence-the-best-quarterback-ever/ Yeah, Meyer is gonna take Fields over "the best quarterback ever." Meyer's mancrush on Lawrence is unparalleled.
  8. Suggs is a cool comp that I could get into, really the only one that came to mind initially though. Don't think Landry is similar at all. But either way, I'm sure Pees is gonna be developing the scheme around the players instead of vice versa. Again, I'd be into the move
  9. I like Lawson, but I can't think of many guys Pees has had like him. Georgia boy though. I'd be into it.
  10. Seems like a good guy. Best of luck elsewhere DBiermann.
  11. I like ASJ. Think he's likely to have a similar slip to Grady with how much teams are overvaluing size (esp if he comes in 5'9 like I expect) but he's definitely talented. More of an elite nickel prospect than anything, but that's a starter and worth a Day 2 pick.
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