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  1. I'd love to see that. Wouldn't last long though. They're real sore and can't stand to hear the truth. Deserve every bit of this suffering.
  2. Let's be honest. That game was very one-sided when it came to officiating. The Rams have every right to be upset. Getting a crew that had screwed them multiple times over, and they again wind up with over double the penalties and penalty yards (7 for 64 yards vs the Saints 3 for 20 yards). Not to mention, the Rams would've won even earlier if not for the Goff no call. Need I mention all the other no calls? And then, the Saints get awarded a make up PI after a previous no call. Truly one sided officiating. The Rams should write in to the NFL about the egregious errors here. It's truly unfair. Thankfully they still won - it would've been heartbreaking if the zebras managed to steal another NFCCG away for the Saints. ... PS - **** the Saints. Sincerely, Every Other Teams Fans
  3. Yep. Their tears are delicious
  4. This was the late birthday present I needed. Lmao
  5. And yet, it isn't. I wonder if Brees is going to cry when he realizes he's never going to have the chance to win MVP ever again. A win here would've helped a lot. Chin up buttercup. Now we can watch the SuperBowl on our couches together.
  6. Joyner with the T-Rex arms and zero hops lmao, even I could've swatted that ball away.
  7. Gurley choking hard. Choke meister. Liability on the field.
  8. Yeah, I'm a little more down on Howard than I was due to his lack of "dog" - just doesn't seem to want to finish as much. You probably have him ranked about right. Really smooth mover in pass protection though.
  9. Nice thing is Andrus Peat is struggling with injury (ideally he'll be healthy next year, but for now Donald can feast) and Rankins is out, which hurts their run D (hopefully he recovers well). Plays to the Rams advantage nicely.
  10. He might slip. But given his character since the incident I doubt he will too much. Ideally, it's enough to land with us.
  11. He did - but I did digging and it was provoked/family related. Woman was attacking his sister and insulting his two dead nephews. No issues since then. Lmao this has jack all to do with how good DL is, look at all the best DLs in the league. Literally any of them. If we get a big boy they'll be on the field maybe 20% of snaps.
  12. My b. Yeah I definitely confused you for other people in that thread about who we should pick at 14 I think
  13. I actually like that comp. Seems very Burner-esque.
  14. A more Belichik move is trading Julio, Beasley, and Alford. Last year. Not saying it's a good move either. But it's a Beli one.