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  1. Yeah, got 4.61 timing him myself and there are other people doing a cut where he's timed properly around that too. Delpit's time is legit tho. Or at least closer. Got him at 4.45
  2. I'm not sure we even take a DT tbh, barring someone slipping. With Davison re-signed, Bailey extended, comments that Cominsky is ultimately gonna play inside, Senat rotting in just feels like it won't happen. I think we go safety or a dual LB/EDGE.
  3. I know homie. More of a general comment towards other people in the thread.
  4. This is as good a time as any to brag I guess lol But yeah - we don't need Darron Lee. Just not a good player. Might not be the worst depth in the world, and he might be decent ST. Not gonna ask for him tho
  5. Both are trash but I can't believe anyone is trashing Biden that stands by Trump. Is it because Trump is more blatant and corrupt in a thousand other ways? Is that, like...refreshing? A politician who is blatantly siphoning money and proud of sexual assault? This country has gone to ****.
  6. Yeah, that's the gold standard there. Weird how everyone who actually knows him tends to say the opposite.
  7. Can't really blame you, I'm less than thrilled about it. Vote third party at least. I swear, I have yet to see a convincing argument for Biden and the arguments I have seen all focus on beating if Biden was really the ideal candidate for that.
  8. Still less gross than the guy who raped 13 year olds. Hate Biden but it's choosing between a dirt sandwich and a **** sandwich at this point.
  9. Not a GOT fan overall but that's as bang-on as it gets. Meanwhile the Dems are trying to unseat Joffrey with...anyone who's a bigger fan have an appropriate metaphor? Maybe that creepy Roose Bolton *******, just because he's from the north?
  10. "Chaisson? Oh no, we're not interested in him at all. Delpit and Winfield? Just doing our due diligence. We like our safeties."
  11. I like Davis a bit more than you, but I agree that he's more athlete than anything right now. If we're running more Cover 2 where he only has to worry about one side of the field, I love him here, but at least right now, he's more of a straight line downhill baller. His range is potentially great, but right now it isn't his best quality. Love his character and potential though.
  12. I really like everything but the numbers tbh.
  13. Reminds me of Josh Jones coming out.
  14. Can scratch CB off the board in the 1st. They're never this transparent. Reminds me of the DT talk last year lmao
  15. Not even surprised sadly. Our government has just become a means for Trump to embezzle for himself and his friends.