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  1. I agree if you're talking about run support in his college days. I guess I just haven't seen that in his time in Atlanta. Small sample size, admittedly.
  2. Hype wasn't anywhere close to when Poe signed. Think it's just a really good fit.
  3. Ya think? Oliver had (and still has) his issues, but I feel like being soft has never been one of them
  4. Don't think they'll even trade him. Khan views dude like Deion Sanders and is 100% ok with making him the highest paid CB in the league. They should get rid of Coughlin before Ramsey.
  5. Nah. Guarantee no one is looking at him the same way we are after 2 games. And I was the first one mentioning extending him, so that isn't a slight.
  6. Cap is going up every year. They can convert some to signing bonus too. And then there's the new CBA...lots of ways around the cap. PS: they can cut Sambrailo, Stocker, and Schaub for a total of 8 mil in relief. That's not even considering some of the bigger cap hits.
  7. World of difference.
  8. Biggest issue imho has been Stocker. I was excited for him to come in, but he's been absolutely atrocious. Putting us in holes constantly, whether it's with Matt's passes or run blocking. He needs to be benched, period.
  9. Love the dude, but why the bears tho? At least the elk are a pest. Looking forward to seeing where he goes from here.
  10. Ran it 8 times. Absolute insanity. Glad it worked out for us.
  11. I'd extend him right now. No point waiting. 4 years.
  12. Weird one maybe, but for me it was Terance Mathis. He's the reason I'm a Falcons fan. Loved the red and black as a kid, then I saw him against the 49ers in 98 and the rest is history. Vick sealed my fate.
  13. Gotta put that one on my dude Mcgary tbh. He was supposed to come off the double team and hit Brown (the MLB) quicker, even if it wasn't a full on great block. You even see him whip around when he realizes what he did wrong. This line could be really good run blocking when they gel all the way later in the year. That small adjustment is the difference between the 2 yard carry we got and a 8-20 yard romp.
  14. No **** homer, and we barely escaped despite all their injuries and being at home. One game does not make this defense unstoppable. I'm optimistic but I'm not braindead.
  15. Really don't get people thinking the Colts are gonna be a cakewalk. This team is physical af. Can we beat them? Sure. Will it be easy, especially on the road? **** no. I expected us to be 2-3 or 3-2 in the first 5 games of the season with losses to the Vikes, then the Colts and/or Texans. Luck being out helps, but it's still an insane early grind ahead of us.