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  1. Any of you watch Michael Gallup? I'm real biased since I'm at CSU myself, but the dude is a monster at WR. Would like to hear from some autonomous minds.
  2. Yeah. It's scummy. There were people on the Saints boards doing the same thing, posting the lead ref's Facebook page, then the "collusion" ref, then pictures of his kid in a Falcon's jersey, etc. People saying they should teach them a lesson, encouraging people to harass both of them and whatnot. We've been shafted innumerable times by refs and I've never seen anything like that.
  3. He's not even a Falcons fan. It's a total joke. Anyone can take a look at his reffing history and see he doesn't have bias towards us, or against the Saints. As proof: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/officials/McKiPh0r.htm In Falcons vs Saints games that he's refereed, the Saints are 3-2 (3-1 before this Sunday).
  4. I don't think the Jaguars would be easiest for us at all. If anything, that's the one team I want to see the least. Elite pass rush and pass defense, as well as arguably the best run game in the NFL? Why the heck would you want to see that?
  5. Bro, as a Cam defender in many cases, he's not that great as a passer. He misses wide open receivers so often, it's honestly a little frustrating watching in some cases. Not saying stats are the be-all end-all, but his accuracy statistics aren't an aberration or even wrong out of context.
  6. He's definitely been better than a lot of people think, but I wouldn't say phenomenal at all. He's been far, far worse on deep passes. Still think he's a top 8 or so passer, but can't say much more than that...granted, his receivers aren't helping him with all the dropped passes and whatnot. Think we're at 8 INTs off dropped passes now this year...most all of last year was 4. 4, for the absolute worst team when it came to dropped passes turning into INTs. That's insane. Same goes here, though. Never really thought Cam was an incredible passer - God knows he can be since he has an incredible arm, but he hasn't really elevated outside of 2015 for the most part. Still, he can gash you on the ground and complete some nuts passes. Just a different type of player. Not that comparable.
  7. I haven't seen anything all year to suggest he's improved as a passer. Even just from when he entered the league. So yeah, he regressed there, and he's still a crazy talented athlete. His legs haven't "regressed." But good lord, he's been off on so many passes this year. He's good in a different way. All it is. God knows Ryan isn't exactly playing to expectations this year, so...
  8. Kam Chancellor is a really good guy too. Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas, etc...matter of fact, they have a lot of high character guys. Their DL just has some dirtbags on it, though.
  9. Apparently McDowell got arrested too, pouring out liquor at a bar and screaming at police officers, saying they don't have the money to keep him in prison, using a bunch of racial slurs, etc. Seahawks are a mess. The "team" and "brotherhood" left with Quinn. Glad we didn't draft him.
  10. Bennett acting like a scumbag at the end of a game again. Love the way he plays, but God, he's a spoiled manchild.
  11. Nelson is fantastic, but he could go top 5 overall this year. Even as a guard. Crazy. I like Will Hernandez. Nasty, athletic, assbeater, good in pass pro and run blocking. He would be perfect and actually available where we're picking, unless he has a crazy draft rise. I feel like @Kayoh would love him (if he's one of the guys you were talking about)
  12. Not in order, but DT, OG, and TE are the top three positions imho. With FS and RB not far behind.
  13. Wasn't meant to read that way at all. Same reason I don't take the "Deion Jones and the Run Defense" thread to mean people think Debo is solely responsible for our mediocre run defense. I just think our team chemistry is better with him off the field, and I don't think he's quite ready for a starting role yet. Not giving up on him this early either - he has plenty of talent. Just not what I think the team needs. Our defense isn't a little better without him, it's a TON better, and I think it's largely because of team chemistry. Let's see him with the starters in TC and in preseason next year. To add to that - I think McKinley is going to start next year too. Excited for this team. Only going up.
  14. Not at all. I just think the coaches recognize that we're a better and more cohesive team defensively with Beasley and Ishmael rotating linebacker duties than with Riley playing, letting him come on by playing more Special Teams and taking it slow instead. Not everyone can be Debo. Debo and Campbell have been playing some Will too. It's been a constant rotation. Riley is just a liability, plain and simple. He made no plays in his six games starting.
  15. I've looked over this thread for maybe 15-20 minutes and have already seen dozens of personal insults, as well as you supporting someone who was with underage girls because other countries support underage marriage, and arguing heatedly about how there was nothing wrong with what he did (or his blatant lying and denials). Hopefully Trump can get impeached and imprisoned after this Russian collaboration business is solidified. I'm just worried his fascist tendencies will extend to firing yet ANOTHER person investigating into him.