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  1. Highlights to get interested, then I use draftbreakdown and watch them to see how they actually play against competition. I try to stick to DL, OL, LBs, and RBs just because I can actually understand what I'm seeing better. A lot is still just intuition. But I feel like I can make pretty decent decisions overall. Just do a search for [insert player name] 2017 and you can find those cut-ups with all plays from a game pretty easily. Like this: Tbh this year I'm not doing nearly as much research...have actual research to do in a lab I'm working in, college work, girlfriend, social life, etc. That and it's exhausting when you're so invested in the Falcons...gonna try and just enjoy the season. Did that more this year and it panned out pretty well.
  2. This is probably the best guy we could've got of those available. I dig it a lot.
  3. Ack. No. Those were some of the ugliest Falcons unis imho.
  4. They were 7-9 for, what, 5 out of 6 years straight? I dunno. I still think they buried themselves. They only got good again when they started drafting well. If anything, the Saints are an awful example. That said, much like Calais Campbell last year, I'd love if we somehow managed to get Ziggy Ansah here.
  5. I don't think he's great and would like to see us invest in OG, but he totally improved over the season.
  6. It'd really be in our best interests to extend him ASAP.
  7. Minus the bit where we were arguably still a top 5 team this year and just barely missed the NFCCG after beating the Rams on the road, and all indications are that we'll be even better next year after a SB hangover from arguably the worst SB loss ever...but, yknow. Whatever floats your boat.
  8. Good point, here you go: a way you can do what you want to.
  9. Your quiz is dumb and you should feel dumb. Yeah, both vs Alabama/New England, which is the "class of the league" or whatever. If you think this is a hard question and deserving of the clickbait this thread is, just go jerk off in a corner. It's obvious. We ****** up. Hooray. Go enjoy life in some other facet instead of trying to act like this is some surprising revelation.
  10. In the end - who gives a crap? I'm gonna start treating the NFL like the Olympics. If we win - great. Go Atlanta/USA. If we lose, oh well. Be entertained by the other team/nation. I'm sick of actually investing in a stupid game where people rattle their brains around for money. I enjoyed playing it, but this is a dumb ******* game. Not gonna watch pre-draft stuff or offer input. None of that stuff. Because it literally doesn't matter at all. No matter how hard I bang the table for David Johnson, it's not like we were ever going to draft him. Ditto other draft picks I proposed. So have fun and stop taking the game seriously, I guess. NFL will be dead in a few decades regardless.
  11. Both won championships? Oh well, time to care less about football I guess
  12. Sure would be nice if Julio hadn't fallen down and after getting back up had the ball go through his hands. Lmao seriously. This whole team is a joke, but mostly the fans. At least the team tries
  13. Hooooooly crap. What a throw.
  14. Our defense was really dang good this year. Biggest thing I'm getting from this game. Held two of the best teams in the NFC to an average of 14 points...we should have been here. Is what it is. But man, it sucks.
  15. They suck