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  1. Only missed two games, but yeah. He was sick that year. I can't take this list seriously without the Steelers, Browns, or (obviously) Falcons.
  2. I'd say Ingram and Kamara are better as a 1 2 punch since they have such different skillsets, but Teco and Devonta are better individually.
  3. fixed (at least imho) Couldn't care less about another training camp hero.
  4. Double fix. it was terrible
  5. Besides that, dude originally said Beasley won't get seven. Moving the goalposts before they've even been buried in the ground.
  6. You're right. Let's compare him to the sack leaders since that arbitrary year you put forth. Convenient that it avoids the 1994, 1995, and 1996 years with players having less than him. The league leaders have been: Demarcus Ware, JJ Watt, Jared Allen, Chandler Jones, Michael Strahan, Justin Houston, Elvis Dumervil, Derrick Burgess, Shawn Merriman, Dwight Freeney, Jason Taylor, La'Roi Glover, John Randle, Michael Sinclair, Kevin Carter, and Robert Mathis. Truly a terrible list to be associated with. PS, without Clay's 6 sack game he had 3.5 sacks. Without Vic's biggest game he still had double digits. First post in a while because good lord, some people are clueless.
  7. That "matter of fact..." [long pause] "...that's pretty bad." was great. Tbh though, compared to some of those other guys, his wasn't that terrible lmao.
  8. You don't want to see him play a snap before cutting Schaub? Really?
  9. Not crazy long...2008 I think? Had an old account called theironlotus
  10. I have no issues with a single Sark discussion thread, and usually don't call for bans...but come on. Five threads saying pretty much the same thing? It isn't even facilitating discussion at this point. Dude is just trolling.
  11. Why you gotta pick on Booger?
  12. Despite the occasional frustrations, I've never been more confident in a Falcons QB eventually bringing us a Superbowl. If football lasts that long...crazy to even say that, but it's just so **** dangerous now.
  13. How's that? He can stay behind Flacco for a while and learn. Not that I think Flacco is great, but he won't be pressured to start immediately. EDIT: Wrote Falco twice, been playing too much Melee lol
  14. I know it's SNL, but all I can think of is
  15. Was about to say that. We have this same thread every year.