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  1. This is the biggest crock of utter **** I've seen on this site.
  2. Luck. All luck. Julio bailed him out clearly.
  3. This. You don't really exercise with a stoic look on your face, lol.
  4. It's not a race descriptor. Just because it happens to be a skin color doesn't mean it was referring to his race. A more appropriate example than "midnight black" since no one uses that is when people say someone has a "dark side." It's not racial. It's about their style on or off the field.
  5. That's the fun of it though
  6. Really hate these boards sometimes
  7. I'd say that's more because Ryan did a better job getting yards back/moving forward and the rollouts tbh.
  8. If you read the story, he obviously didn't love himself. He thought there was something horribly wrong with being gay and thought everyone would abandon him when he came out. It's the reason LGBT suicide rates are so much higher...though, thankfully on the decline. Props to Pioli and prayers to Callaghan.
  9. It was a public thing, with a ceremony and hundreds watching. It's more for recognition of the military imo. Knew you were a vet, had no idea you were a POW. Wow.
  10. Good problem to have.
  11. So, Stephen makes the point against someone else who argues viscerally against it, right? It's the same shtick, different face. Still not feeding it views.
  12. Yeah, haven't watched but guarantee he's just saying that to annoy Bayless and get people to argue online, ie: ratings.
  13. Cam does it and there's a thread about what a clown he is lol But yeah, I'm loving Takk.
  14. I get that we didn't add a crazy amount of players in FA, but neglecting to mention that we had an incredible draft while the Patriots only had 4 picks total with the first in the 3rd round is disingenuous. Almost as much as acting like Burkhead and Gillislee are big pickups but the hottest FA name at DT (before we signed him) in Dontari Poe was not even worth mentioning. Guarantee if the Pats had signed him he'd be considered a way bigger deal.