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  1. Cool. Hope he does something. Would be cool if he made even one play, I'd like to root for the guy. I like him a lot as a person, and his success is success for the Falcons. As of now, he's a story. Lots of stories don't make it. Good luck Duke.
  2. Agreed. He wants to rile people up, that's all.
  3. I mean, he made more decent plays in pre-season and training camp than Riley has in his career...not that it's saying much, and he still got burned some. But still. Lmao. Played a different version of man press at Colorado so I also doubt he'll be brought along too quickly, but it makes sense to man him up on bigger receivers for a few snaps a game.
  4. He's balling. Best on the OL so far this season on a pretty stacked OL. Making good on that contract money.
  5. Did you really just argue against football being a one man sport by listing our myriad of injuries? You realize one is...one. Right?
  6. Jarrett bringing it on the last drive is what @Knight of God was talking about when he mentioned pride. With so many players hurt, we seriously need it.
  7. Matthews has impressed the helI out of me. Usually guys either plateau or play worse after getting that big contract, but (may be premature after just two games) dude is having his best season yet. Arguably our best OL this season just looking at his play.
  8. I don't know if people are kidding here, but I'd actually love to see him get a few snaps on Thomas. He struggles vs the shifty guys...think he'd actually be better than expected. Not saying he can lock Thomas down. But it's absolutely worth seeing how he looks against him.
  9. Nah. Jeanna is good. She legitimately cares about the Falcons and does some good writeups. Don't get the hate.
  10. For the record, also said Ish is getting more playing time. Could see something like the Denver game with Ish playing lots of MLB.
  11. God, this hurts. Hits just keep coming indeed.
  12. Bro, I was keying on him the entire game (LBs are probably my favorite position to watch) and he absolutely played awful. There were several moments where he either got in the way of another defensive player, didn't maintain his gap because he "guessed," and a couple times where he slid right off a tackle due to bad form. If you don't think he played awful, I'd like for you to give me an example of awful. Bolded that bit because I'm dead serious. I'm tempted to just make a compilation of his plays that game set to Benny Hill. This was on par with games played by Bartu or Dent, back in those days. Oh - and he didn't make a single play. Period. If he had his share of good and bad, I'd say let him take his lumps. He doesn't. The best play he's arguably had in his entire career here was forcing his guy out of bounds so he couldn't make a catch. You can be thrilled with a win (I am) and with how our team played (I am) and exhibited resilience (I am) but still call out a player for playing poorly.
  13. He recruited him. And agree, can't ever have too many pass rushers. Insurance if someone else goes down, and when Takk and Debo return, makes the defense that much better.
  14. Doubt we do, but if we do - we were said to love Fowler and he's on the block now. Could send them something like a 4th rounder (or 3rd, doubt we'd go higher, idk what they want exactly, probably way underestimating it) and even if we didn't re-sign him the year after, we'd get a 3rd or 4th round comp for the price he'll command. Alternatively, if he plays better than Beasley, could sign him instead...really losing some faith in Vic. Withholding judgment for a few more weeks. PS: The Takk "news" in this thread is non-news.