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  1. Overrated and unmotivated, plus apparently abusive. He made his bed and he can lie in it.
  2. Then you haven't watched any of our games. Missed blocks, missed assignments, miscommunication, and FOUR interceptions off of tipped balls by our players and you don't think it's an execution issue? That's trying to stir the pot.
  3. I get this, but realistically, I do think Duke should mostly be on STs. Ishmael is a considerably better player right now.
  4. You watching the same Patriots everyone else has been? I think we looked like trash, but so have they. Arguably worse.
  5. The Dolphins are also 3-2 and have one of the best defenses in the NFL at this point. No lie, we played like trash, but they aren't exactly the garbage people thought they were coming in.
  6. Y'all don't even know the meaning of the word suck. Piss poor performance and execution but I'll take where we are now over a dozen other seasons since the turn of the century any day.
  7. That's how you take advantage of an opportunity.
  8. I don't want Bowman, but I'd genuinely like for you to post a good play Duke has had. Just one. I was a big supporter of his coming in, and I still think he can be good, but he's shown very little.
  9. The amount of people claiming to love the military and this country who support Trump's draft dodging a*s is sickening. Most un-American president that could've been elected. He does not love this country, and I'm at a loss to why he convinced so many he does love it just by spewing hate for inherently American things like immigrants and free speech.
  10. It's not even an Eagles fan, it's another Panthers fan. Scummy.
  11. We as fans have zero effect on the player's mindsets. I say, snooze all you want.
  12. Any of you folks using the "other countries" argument ever live in other countries? Or did you just peer at them through a white lens on vacation? White man here, was in the Navy, dad was in the Air Force, uncles in the Army and Marines, both of my grandfathers in the Navy. Kneeling is not disrespect to this country. Vocalizing support for minorities in the face of systematic racism is not disrespect to this country. Collaborating with Russia, cultivating an environment of fear, insulting those who believe in freedom of speech? Insulting protest the likes of which this country's best aspects were built upon? That's disrespect to this country. Our country. The more people confuse patriotism with fascism, the more i think others need to consider what America is really about, and the possibility that certain people in power stand against that. Consider what is being protested beyond a narrow scope of "muh country."
  13. Same anthem which originally talked about dead slaves? Yeah, no. You probably think those who disagree with "Columbus Day" are un-American too, huh?
  14. Fun fact - Bears and Cowboys are the only teams on our schedule with a losing record thus far, and neither are as bad as the record would make it seem. Combined record of the teams we face this season, not including our games against them is 41-28 (0.594). That's pretty **** good - though it's early in the season, and things can change.
  15. I really don't know about that. Most of the "bad calls" - like not running on 3rd and 4th and 1 last week - were up to Ryan, he was given two plays and chose the pass. Sark has been great, he's had some incredibly creative playcalls. Ryan has been the inconsistent one. He's been terrible to start the season, comparatively.