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  1. Met him a couple of times he grew up here in Forsyth county went to North Forsyth pulling for him loves football and I believe he was a Falcons Fan growing up pretty cool.
  2. Thought this need its own post Austin Hooper has got to be a backup for us don’t want to see him gone but clearly he is not a number 1.
  3. Washington announced Bush Hamdan will return to the program as the team's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He is currently the Atlanta Falcons quarterbacks coach, but spent the precious two season on Chris Peterson's staff in Seattle. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…
  4. He’s not out Dan Quinn was on 929 the game this morning he said he might have a chance there taking it day by day. Falcons RB Devonta Freeman remains in the concussion protocol. Although he feels ready to play, according to source close to him, he still has to go through the entire process before being cleared. The Falcons will let it play all the way out, day to... espn.com/espn/now?nowId…
  5. Can we please stop the tosses to the rbs it’s not working for god sakes!
  6. Make the switch to Garland can’t be worse!
  7. Me and my wife got into a huge argument after i had a meltdown like a 2 year old after Julio’s dropped catch the Falcons are really starting to have toll on me, but as much time as i spend watching this team i get the feeling the players don’t care.
  8. Noooo absolutely Not! We really don’t need him we already have enough weapons we cannot get the ball to!
  9. The Browns front office needs to be fired for passing on maybe the leauge MVP Watson!
  10. Julio is not hurt what are you talking about.
  11. Hahaha to that Penn St fan hahahaha!
  12. The weather for the game will be absolutely brutal! Look for a heavy dose of the run game! Potential for rain 90% Heavy Rain Expected!
  13. Please delete this comment now please for the love of god this is something you don’t even put into writing!