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  1. Man when Falcons ever going to catch a break!
  2. What Is the Healing Time for a Broken Foot? The outlook for a foot fracturedepends on what bone(s) of the foot were fractured, and the severity of the injury. For most simple fractures, the healing process takes about six to eight weeks without surgery.
  3. D.Led is the worst. I’m sorry that I used him as my source I apologize Falcons nation!
  4. Keith DLed can’t spell.
  5. Yeah I remember when they signed him they thought they were getting a steal lmao.
  6. Cant be worse then Jalen Collins! Haha man this guy is awful! https://twitter.com/browns/status/1162847846191599616?s=2
  7. PP suspended he won’t play in that game.
  8. **** it man! I wanted Julio to carve up Rocky!
  9. Did JJ Wilcox just tear his ACL?
  10. Jayson Stanely wants bad on this team?
  11. Watching the game on tv is so much better.