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  1. Dan Quinn says on 92.9 The Game that Calvin Ridley (ankle) and Mohamed Sanu (hip) will be limited. Dan Quinn says on 92.9 The Game that Grady Jarrett (ankle) will practice today. Shelby is back as well.
  2. Jermaine Grace is back with the Falcons per his IG.
  3. Vic Beasley is 96th ranked edge rusher by PFF...out of 96 edge rushers
  4. How is it devastating he hasn’t contributed to this team in over a year?
  5. I would mind Daniel Carlson he has a huge ceiling greatest kicker in SEC history.
  6. Which set?
  7. Just reached out to Melisa Bryant she said he’s having a mri this morning but he doesn’t think it will be anything serious. Might miss couple of weeks.
  8. That’s just speculation let Coach Quinn update the injuries today at 3:15.
  9. I think we will get a update at 3:15 from DQ.
  10. Mike Smith is a awful awful coach this loss is on him.
  11. Let’s go get some tacos bro. I’ll pay.
  12. Our best bet would be for him to take another concussion and be forced to retire. Take one for the team bro.
  13. How does us dumping Free work? Just got to take his salary hit and that’s it?