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  1. Our long snapper??? put some respect on his name he's been with the team 7 years! JOSH HARRIS!!!!!!
  2. This is insane are we sure these guys are not brothers they even almost share the same birthday.
  3. Defensive tackle Terrell McClain is signing with @AtlantaFalcons, per source. One year deal worth over $4 million, includes $500,000 signing bonus.
  4. How much cap space do we have now?
  5. I don’t see the Minnesota TE on there
  6. Todd McShay said every game he watched of Ito Smith, he was the fastest guy on the field. Smith caught 40 passes for 396 yards in 2017. I wanted a bigger back but have full faith in TD and DQ.
  7. Kallen to Miami why didn’t we get him!
  8. This is a awful highlight tape good god.
  9. Goood God his teammate of 10+ years compared him to Marvin I’m in a lost for words.
  10. Love all the 1 PM starts and that we play the division early and late. The only thing that sucks is 6 of the final 9 on the road hopefully we can take advantage early of being at home.
  11. #OSU OL Billy Price suffered an apparent chest or shoulder injury during his bench press at the Combine. Not good. Projected top 15 pick could we draft him in the 2nd and stash him?
  12. Met him a couple of times he grew up here in Forsyth county went to North Forsyth pulling for him loves football and I believe he was a Falcons Fan growing up pretty cool.