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  1. Carl Dukes is not a insider, take everything he says with a grain of salt. One of the worst Radio Hosts in the A.
  2. Here’s the whole interview, he’s seems in his feelings a little bit. https://929thegame.radio.com/media/audio-channel/austin-hooper-joins-rick-john-radio-row-sb53
  3. Some how he will end up with the Pats lol
  4. They already have one of the best lines in the game too lol.
  5. Baker not in this game, just Ledbetter and LS Moore.
  6. **** and the Pats will have him back next year absolutely scary, will they ever fall off?
  7. Rock Ya-Sing got schooled by Deebo in practice all week.
  8. Been listening all day to there sports radio, because I am that petty. .They want there draft picks back Ffrim bounty-gate. .They want Salary Cap Relief .Rams 1st round pick .Replay the game again from the flag.
  9. This is a must for today! They have been crying all morning! https://www.iheart.com/live/sports-1280-wodt-new-orleans-6223/?autoplay=true&pname=15400&campid=header&cid=index.html
  10. Imagine Mecole as our KR/PR for the next 4-5 years dude is so explosive!
  11. https://goo.gl/images/Mx4txn Lamont Gaillard
  12. Leonard williams is a absolute ANIMAL. imagine, Irvin Takk outside, Leonard and Grady inside, Vic, Senat off the bench. We’d be set. No need to draft D Line
  13. I’m excited about the Texans and Rams next year! As a Georgia fan watch Gurley against my Falcons will be cool to see.
  14. Atlanta is overhauling its coaching staff, letting go of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel and special teams coach Keith Armstrong, per sources. Major changes for the Falcons.