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  1. The more dropbacks you have the more likely you are to rack up pressures. PFF ranked Giants O-line 31st at pass blocking but according to Tuggle Falcons had more pressures. How can an O-line that's ranked worse than the Falcons at pass blocking have more pressures? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Eli had 100 less pass attempts than Matt Ryan. So no having the most pressures doesn't make you the worst O-line.
  2. Good point, if people were to judge simply on pressures alone than you'd get different rankings for #32 as opposed to hits or sacks which are universally agreed upon.
  3. Ryan dropped back to pass 651 times last year, 8 less times than Peyton Manning. Only makes sense that more dropbacks equates to more pressures, still doesn't take away from the fact that Falcons O-line wasn't the worst in the NFL and the premise of this thread.
  4. Magic signed Channing Frye to 4 yrs $32 million. Right up there with Jodie Meeks and Avery Bradley terrible signings.
  5. Stats don't back his claim up, wasn't even the worst line in the NFL that season. Ever heard of empty stats?
  6. ****... LeBron just teasing everybody
  7. Yea I think so, after one season back lulz
  8. After watching Aaron Gordon play in Summer League I think Randle will be the best of all PF's in the draft. Scouts were high on Gordon cuz of his althetic ability but to me Randle is a banger and can handle the ball like a guard. He only need to adjust to the speed of the game. Kobe (healthy) and Randle would make a nice tandem.
  9. Yea, LeBron might take him under his wing. The biggest factor IMO was upgrading their coaching position cuz Brown is terrible.
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