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  1. I havent been on the boards in awhile. But, I thought about this post I created almost a year ago. It is the truth! I do believe that DQ will get this figured out before MNF and we will have a strong showing in Week 1. Lets hope so! Its been too long with the same problems.
  2. They called a hold on Soliai to get them in FG range. HOW does a DT get called for holding on a running play??????????
  3. The Packers won the Super Bowl with 10 players on IR. No excuse. If last season was an 'Anomoly' like we've been told... why is it happening again? We did not lose the game today because of injuries, we lost the game mentally. And, sad to say... it starts with Mike Smith.
  4. We never mentally moved forward since the loss to San Francisco. Period.
  5. Didnt the lights go out in NO in the Super Bowl during a blow-out 1st half?? Just Saying.
  6. You're very welcome. We all sometimes forget about how good of a job he has done since 2008. We have never been the same since blowing the 2012 NFC Champ Game. I will miss him too.
  7. Ive never in my life, even considered something like this to be true. This game today changed that. Something was going on!!
  8. U were one of the first posters that I followed and starting reading because I valued your thoughts and opinions. Its been too long since ive read a post by you, but I could not have written it any better. My heart breaks for Smitty, he is a great guy. However, like you said... its time.
  9. This game (Detroit) really, really, bothered me. There was alot of money switching hands, being earned, stolen, and well... im just gonna stop. This was very bad.
  10. I posted on twitter, and tagged every single person I could find. From Jay Adams, to the NFL, to @Atlanta_Falcons... I swear the fix was in. $$$$$$$
  11. So who do u think we should start at RB then? I bet its not Steven Jackson.
  12. Saying Antone Smith has not EARNED the chance at 15 touches in a game is wrong. C'Mon Man!!
  13. I couldnt even tell u what her show is called. What I do know is, recently Rich Gannon called out the Oakland players for "Stealing" their pay checks. Kroy is getting paid good money, but Mass has beat him out. Its tough to sit a player who is making good money on the bench, or reduce his role. This is very obvious right now.
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