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  1. Nobody is biased against Atlanta sports. The Falcons are the greatest chokers of all time in any sport. They should be made fun of relentlessly. I want them all to be embarrassed. It's certainly been embarrassing calling myself a fan.
  2. Worst uniforms in the NFL. Why do I support this team lmao they always disappoint even when they're not playing
  3. Prior to us I believe the largest blown lead in a Super Bowl was 10 points. So now Shanahan has the distinction of being the worst choker of a coach in Super Bowl history. Outscored 46-0 in the 4th quarters.
  4. Idk man I think some people just know a failing regime when they see one and they want it removed because they'd like to experience the success that everyone knows the team is capable of.
  5. The season has been over by week 5 for two consecutive years and yet we bring back this regime. It's unfathomable. We have not even sniffed the playoffs since blowing it in Philly but thanks to the team "finishing on a high note" at 7-9 (or possibly 6-10) and ruining their draft position AGAIN we get to relive this nightmare in 2020. I'd be upset if I hadn't already resigned myself to the belief that as one of the most poorly run organizations in the league we will simply never win a Super Bowl. Thank God for basketball.
  6. Guess that's a third straight season of Falcons football that I won't be watching
  7. This team is a literal laughing stock. Like, I actually have laughed out loud at different points in this game because of how bad they are.
  8. I predicted 6 wins before the year and that feels a bit generous, honestly.
  9. I literally forgot there was a game yesterday. I checked out last year after that awful loss to the Browns. Glad I did because we've been arguably the worst team in the league since then.
  10. Trade Ryan and rebuild everything. I love Ryan btw. Eagles had McNabb, quality QB but not a winner. People laughed at their franchise. They made moves. Birds follow birds who find food, except for falcons, I guess. I'm sick of losing.
  11. We made no improvements and people really thought we were gonna get better. Delusional. Dan Quinn can't coach and half the players can't play. I'd be surprised to see us win six games. Beating Philly was an anomaly.
  12. Anyone who had playoff hopes for this team was delusional.
  13. Product of Shanahan's system. He can make any RB look like a star
  14. 8-8? I went through the schedule and we'll be lucky to go 5-11
  15. Nowhere to go but down. SB51 was our only chance and we blew it.
  16. Decided to go to the gym instead of watching. My Sunday has improved exponentially
  17. I don't care what game of the year it is. This is one of the most embarrassing performances I've ever seen from the Falcons. Dan Quinn proved in his first two years he can't finish, now he's proven he can't even start.
  18. No, it's the 65th game of Quinn's regime and the wheels have fallen completely off.
  19. Joke of a team, joke of an organization. DQ should get fired but that won't change anything. Looking forward to a 5 win season and another wasted year of Matt Ryan and Julio's primes. Oh and to anyone who says "it's only week one, relax!" - nah. F*ck that. This team got cucked in SBLI and turned around to do jack sh*t about it. Now they're a laughing stock and the definition of a toothless team. Doesn't matter if it's 2019, 2020, 2051, it's the same ole Falcons every single year. Can't wait for basketball season
  20. I give the Falcons a 0% chance. I'd bet my life savings against them making it. Give me Bears vs. Pats
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