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  1. This because it directly prevented them from making the Super Bowl in our stadium
  2. This is even better than last year
  3. Nope. I'd rather do literally anything else and pretend the game didn't happen, which is what I will do if that's the Super Bowl matchup.
  4. NFCCG hasn't been close in years. This one won't be either. Please don't give us a Saints-Pats Super Bowl in Atlanta. I really won't watch it
  5. Toughness and mental health have absolutely no correlation.
  6. Shanahan and Dwight Freeney practically being DLine coach for a year are the reasons we came closest to winning the Super Bowl. Quinn's first season we went 8-8 after starting 5-0. Second season we blow the biggest lead in Super Bowl history, and suffer the most painful, humiliating loss in the history of sports. Quinn decides he wants to replace Shanahan with Sark for some reason, we spend a season nearly blowing 4th quarter leads again before we choke against Philly in a game we should have won (but that game is on Sark). Then this year happens, and injuries or not, we should have known we had no depth after going 0-4 in the preseason. Our backups looked horrendous in the preseason, and rather than even attempt to bring in outside help, we let the scrubs sub in. Look what we have to show for it. We might have even been a playoff team if Quinn's defense, which he's supposed to be a guru of, didn't blow those games against Cincinnati and New Orleans. Prior to this season, two teams ever scored 36+, didn't turn the ball over once and still lost at home. We did it back to back weeks and killed our season in the first month. Quinn, to me, has three black marks against him: sputtering out in 2015, botching the Super Bowl, and this pathetic season. This season is worse than 2013 and 2014, at least then we knew we'd be getting high draft picks. Now we have the 16th pick because we ended the season on a 3 game winning streak after going 4-9 the first thirteen games. We'll be playing against the second best team from each division next year too, so Philly, Seattle, and Minnesota. That'll be fun. Dan Quinn is not going to get any better as a head coach, at least from what I can tell. It's been four years and his flaws are glaring, and they're also not flaws other coaches really have. I can't think of any other team in NFL history that seems more likely to blow games. Dan Quinn allowed his team to blow a 17-0 lead once to a Miami team with Jay Cutler starting, at home! The Eagles made the right call letting Andy Reid go even though he was a good coach for them. They won a Super Bowl, meanwhile Andy Reid is choking every year in KC. If we ever win a Super Bowl with Dan Quinn as head coach, I will get the words "I was wrong" next to a drawing of DQ tattooed on my body.
  7. For thinking DQ isn't a good coach and we should cut our losses now rather than wait for the inevitable? I'll tell you what, dig this thread up a year from now and we'll see who the dumber fan is. I'll wager a beer on it.
  8. Why don't you just do it for me instead? I'm sure your life is sad and lonely enough as it is
  9. Just fire Quinn and make Kubiak or McCarthy HC.
  10. We've decided to ruin our draft position to "end the season on a high note", now it looks like we aren't even about to do that. DQ is not the coach for this team. I could write all day about why he isn't, but I'm flat out concerned that while our coordinators are certain to be fired, Quinn is safe. Why? What is the point of enduring another year of not being good enough?
  11. As a Sixers fan, trust me when I say that tanking is the smart move.
  12. Dan Quinn isn't a good coach. I knew that when he kicked a field goal from the one yard line down by 4 against SF with three minutes left back in our 2015 skid. Started 5-0 and missed the playoffs. That's absolutely terrible given how easy our schedule that year was. Then he blows the Super Bowl. Come on folks, this isn't hard to see.
  13. I don't even care. I just don't want them to win the ****in super bowl in our stadium
  14. I've been out on Quinn since he blew a 25 point lead in the ******* Super Bowl