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  1. Because we know next year said PRODUCTIVE asset won't be here. The Giants are not giving up a second anyway so it doesn't matter.
  2. Tom Benson their owner who passed.
  3. The call was bad and I haven't seen anyone say otherwise. There were several bad calls in that game. My point is that two fold. One, There were bad calls on both teams and you can argue both cost the respective team the game. Not to mention the Saint's have the beneficiary of favorable calls more than any other team I have seen play. Second, The whole conspiracy theory thing shows insanity. Instead of accepting the fact that you got a bad call as well as the Rams did it has to be someone else's fault. The game went to OT. The Saints got the ball and had a chance to end it without the Ram's even touching the ball. That didn't happen because Brees threw a duck! So there was the problem! Had he thrown a TD pass then the Saints would have won. He threw an INT so the Saints lost. That is all there is to it.
  4. Had the refs not missed the face mask call on Geoff then it wouldn't have mattered anyway. The Rams would have had 1st and goal on the 2. We can debate all day on "what if's" but it doesn't matter. The call was bad we all know it. My question is how many times did the Saints yell conspiracy when they got a favorable call? Never heard a Saints fan yell the game was fixed we committed a PI call that would have given the Falcons a game, It must have been a conspiracy! If they think the League is fixed then they also have to acknowledge that they have been the beneficiary of that fix more than any other team!
  5. One of the things that bugs me about Beasley's stats is the year he had 15 sacks and lead the league in sacks 4 of those stats came from him lining up on a guy that was literally brought in of the street. I forgot the team we were playing at the time but I remember the situation. Every time I see his stats I think about those 4 sacks and have since he was the sack leader last year. If you consider that those 4 sacks were against someone with sub par talent for the NFL then do you really consider the sacks up to par? Don't get me wrong a sack is a sack and the numbers are the numbers but just something to consider when looking at comparisons to other people.
  6. If you want to look at it that way then I ask "who won a Superbowl?" With that being said there is a difference between a player with talent and a coach. Yes Marino is better than Dilfer. However I must ask what the goal is here. Do we want 3 seasons with a super bowl win among them or do we want 3 seasons going to the playoffs every year with out a Superbowl? I am not saying Smitty is better than DQ. I am saying neither of them have a Superbowl win so neither of them are better than the other. If DQ wins a Superbowl then DQ is better.
  7. The only thing I see here is neither one of them won a Super Bowl, so neither of them are better than the other. Getting into the playoffs is nice and all but what is getting to the payoffs with out winning the big one. It is a moot point.
  8. It would be a pay cut for me.
  9. Apparently the FO thought the same as "So many on here".
  10. Just ran in to Author Blank in the airport and he confirmed this. We are about to get shellfish!
  11. OK so, I think some of you guys are mischaracterizing someone who does not want the Falcons to win anymore this season. First off I have no opinion either way but looking at it from a logical perspective then they have a more valid point. If you look at it in terms of value then the team losing provides a higher draft position, creating value. If they win however you lose that draft pick value. There is a point in wanting your team to win but at this point what do you really win? You may achieve a warm and fuzzy feeling for a day or so but that will cost the team in April. Is it worth it? That is only a question that can be answered on an individual by individual basis.
  12. Truth is you don't need data to see that Sark is way over his head. You see it with your own eyes every game day.
  13. He knows we are not going to the playoffs! He is just trying to troll.