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  1. Could you guys cry about something else? Someone comes in here and just says bye and you guys jump all over it! I mean why not just let it go like an adult instead of coming into the post and assuming your keyboard commander roles? Maybe you have so many posts because you don't have a life outside of a message board.
  2. My God has everyone on here forgot about Clowney? Chase maybe no different!
  3. The problem here is that the Big 12 is notorious for not having defenses. I won't rule it out but lets see how he does when he has to play some of the Nations top defenses.
  4. Because we know next year said PRODUCTIVE asset won't be here. The Giants are not giving up a second anyway so it doesn't matter.
  5. Oh didn't you hear? If you don't win a SB your regular season record gets thrown out the window.
  6. Not gonna let you bait me into that one.
  7. Just because they didn't pan out to be explosive doesn't mean that wasn't TD's intent. That is why the offense consistently got attention and the defense was allowed to fall off.
  8. Most of that is TD and his explosive directive.
  9. That analogy reminds me of a story when a team drafted a WR for 5 picks when the Defense was for sure in need.
  10. Well that is one side of the coin for sure. **** I can even agree with some of that. The thing is depending on the pick determines who takes ownership of it to some around here. If the pick was bad then Smitty influenced it. If the pick was good well **** TD is the man. People around here have agendas and we can talk until we are blue in the face but no one is going to sway in that opinion. Hence this thread now being 21 pages.
  11. Kickers are important too but you don't see us giving up 5 picks to get one do you?
  12. What is the diffrence between a playoff game and a regular game? The rules are the same right? Are there more players on the team in the playoffs? There is no difference in how the game is played!
  13. Regardless if that was a good idea or not Worrilow is a bad example. Choose a rook that at least has potential.
  14. LMAO Worrilow shouldn't start for any NFL team but that is a different thread.