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  1. I kind of agree with you here. And honestly i feel like no one should really give a s*** dimitroff wants.. Rex or bowles should be the final 2 choices for the job. But im a lil skeptical about bowles now. I know everyone has their nights but cam ran all over the cardinals defense last night and we play him twice a year here. So in my opinion rex should get a slight nod over bowles. MCDANIELS AND GASE SHOULDNT EVEN BE IN THE DICUSSION! I hope to God authur blank dont fall for dimitroff bull for a 4th time..enough with this patriot way BS. Its time the falcons create their own path. And i honest
  2. This is the best reply ive heard so far. Josh mcdaniels is a joke of a candidate and ad much as i love dem birds. It would be hard for me to watch them next year if he gets hired. Its would definitely be a hire that would seriously have me thinking about showing up on Dimiidiots doorstep if it happens.
  3. Do u mind me asking where this chart came from? Cause i seriously cant see where and y they could possibly list ryan as a high quality starter and roddy as a good starter? I mean i like ryan and i have no hate towards him at all he's our qb..but ne sane person would know first hand that he is who he is because of the recievers that he has around him
  4. On another note...if you guys dont mind me asking...because of the injury to spoon...do you guys think that this could be classified as one of TD'S so called "emergency" situations and maybe get blank to open his check book and pull off a trade for justin houston? Just something that came to mind
  5. Ive been wondering that same thing about who #20 is...he's not on the roster by that number
  6. It says on the falcoholic that the falcons should be interested in justin houston due to him pushing for a new contract in K.C. any chances u guy see the falcons making a run at him with the extra cap space they have available? I know he's another chief...lol...but u cant help but notice the production he's had since entering the league
  7. Lol...**** if its ne thing like last years' summer....i seriously think he'll be just fine..
  8. atleast he's not Chris weinke old..lol
  9. I fully agree with you, I know last year the oline was bad, but we've been needing a pass rush easily for about 10 or 12 years now...lol...i can remember them talking about us needing a pass rush in 2002 Vicks' 1st year as a starter
  10. this is true, but Bartu mostly played the Sam last year, with his speed, i think he's more useful at OLB. his make up leads me to believe that as well, cause he kinda give the appearance that he maybe to small to play the MIke. if he was more or patrick willis size or even close to it then yea. most definitely put him at the MIke, but I think he's more suited to play on the outside so he can cover, they falcons should do the best they can to utilize his closing speed
  11. I understand where ur coming from, but I'm more concerned about whether or not we actually need a linebacker vs DE...I feel like last year we pretty much set ourselves up with the surprise free agents Bartu and Worrilow, I honestly feel like we're pretty much set at linebacker, and I would like hate for the front office to push those guys out or to the side where as if we draft a impact DE its more potential for those guys to really Develop and become play makers for the Defense. sometimes tells me that if we draft mack and let one of those 2 go, 5 or 6 years from now they'll be all-pro lineba
  12. I cant see all those DE's making the roster. if we truly consider DE a need and we move up to take Clowney, its safe to say that all those DE's wont make the roster, my guess is that matthews and maybe even Maponga even though he was drafted last year, will be the old men out. IMO
  13. I see what ur saying about them, but its important to understand the otherside as well, that once your in the league, whether it be the NFL, NBA, Or MLB, everyone gets fired at some point. and if u stop and think, probably the greatest football mind in the game today Bill Belchick, wasnt he fired twice before signing with the Patriots? i mean i could be wrong, but even if I am. use this example the to super bowl teams from this past year consisted of previously fired coaches. so just because they were fired, doesnt mean their bums, I believe their experience bring nothing short of a Plus for t
  14. I would really like for us to get De'Anthony Thomas some where around the 5th round, honestly if he was there in the 4th Id probably pull the trigger on him since we have 2 4th round picks. I really like quizz but he's to slow to be a change of pace back. The definition of change of pace back should mean slow down the falcons when he comes in the game. lol (IMO)
  15. oooo H**l no lol...we need to get a pass rusher round 1, im throughly convinced by all the moves that they are going to do that as well. we can get an O-linemen in atleast round 3 and still be good, Im a defensive minded type person and I feel like if they dont ateast trade up for Clowney they have to atleast get Mack and a safety in rounds 1 and 2. we definately need some Impact players on defense, players that make teams fear the falcons
  16. lol...no one said we were avoiding pass rusher, if thats how u taking it...then u misunderstood my argument, im simply saying that there are way better options out there than Barr. Im all for finding a dynamic passer rusher with our first pick, trust me, but I just feel if they use the Pick on Barr, Im almost certain they will regret it
  17. well the thing is the other defensive ends has been playing the position for atleast their entire college and high school careers, to me when u draft a player like J.A. or Barr..who has recently had a position change. its pretty drastic once they get to the NFL cause they havent fully learned the position as of yet. but everyone has their opinion ..but to me its not about drafting scared. its about drafting someone who knows what the **** they are doing out there, thats how a player drafted as high as 6 can make an instant impact.
  18. I seriously hope we dont draft this guy...I look at him and he brings back bad memories of jamal anderson...hopefully atl has learn their lesson from last time and wont draft this bum
  19. lol...yea he did get blasted, but knowing Golden Tate is was an illegal hit. ( I F'N hate Golden Tate!!)..
  20. I like ur mock, but if u dont mind me asking... I see alot of people starting to put kyle van noy in their mocks these days. dude looks good in his highlight video, and i dont wanna knock him, but when i see his make up its hard for me to tell if he's really a linebacker or just a safety playing out of position cause the def. coord wanted to get creative and add some speed to his linebacking corp. to be drafted in the 2nd round, do u really think he's worth a shot at OLB in the NFL? he pretty much looks like a worm running around out there. he is quick though
  21. I appreciate the complement homie. im not trying to cause a stir..I just wanna get on here and interact with u guys.
  22. so yea not by ne means am I saying im some sort of sports analysis who works for espn or fox sports one. but when u say grind with the rest of us? lol..what do u mean?....who are u referring to?.. and ur right I only have 10 post. but Ive been keeping up with the boards forever, never really posted, due to the army I usually just use the boards to get my breaking news cause im always in a different time zone. You guys were a life saver when i was in afghanistan last year. But having said that, just cause i started posting doesnt mean I have no knowledge about dem birds and everything we've gon
  23. Im pretty sure we can more than ne thing. Full backs are like running backs to me, a dime a dozen, but finding a good full back. is the hard part, and if ne thing I believe Greg Jones has proven that he is a good servicable full back. so hopefully the front office can get it done. we need him to lead block against patrick willis in the Playoffs next year lol
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