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  1. Since tandy hasn't said it. Willy mo is aggressive off the field because of sexual identity issues. Its known around the a town. Just look at where it happened. ..need I say more? Its very well known in inner circles
  2. my concern is he is undersized, and his triangle numbers do not match up with NFL caliber olb/de. If he is available in the 7th, id wait personally He doesnt bring anything to the table you couldnt find elsewhere. your points about him are dead on
  3. pough, has minimal skills and his pro day/ combine numbers are a cause for concern. he is in a weak conference, and was shut down the better part of this year, inspite of the poilitically concieved DEF POY award. He was the 2nd best defender on his howard team. he is an undrafted FA at best, and is a ST guy for the first several years
  4. he will make a practice squad even possibly the 53. The nfl continues to try to globalize their product, with that said he will be a part of the process. hence all they hype on nothing. 200+ guys did their thing at super regional combine. Several big time showcases as well. its all a ploy to expand the fanbase of the NFL. Roger aint fooling me
  5. with a disproportionate amount of pocket qbs. if wes could all live to see the next 47 years, the numbers would be skewed towards athletic dual threat guys. THE EVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.
  6. Glad to see you are coming along. you arent such a bad mule afterall
  7. no they aren't, you are saying that. You are moving the target YET, again. between you and griitz this is becoming a comedy. STEVE YOUNG was a premiere DUAL threat qb. a DUAL threat is a qb that can run or throw. Young could beat you both ways. Hence an Athlete qb. If a qb is not a dual threat he is a single threat. which means throwing only, or a pocket passer. It doesnt get any more simple than that. There is nothing anywhere that doesnt say Young is NOT a dual threat qb, or he didnt win a super bowl. So, the premise was to show an athletic qb, aka no pocket guy to win the super bowl. I have done this very easily, but gritz and you continue to try to move the subject away from the truth. gritz gets schooled by me constantly. he then asks his friend girl supa to draw pictures, etc. This is nothing new. Just like Young being a dual threat qb is nothing new. While im here lets go ahead and define threat, just so yall are aware. Definition of THREAT 1 : an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage 2 : one that threatens 3 : an indication of something impending <the sky held a threatof rain>what is it that young threatens? he threatens the defense to pass or run. troy aikman, nope matt ryan, nope they are pocket passers. Young was an athletic dual threat QB. people want to make him something, but because he was extremely accurate, and could move like a running back, they seem to want to forget how his mobility helped his passing and vice versa. Pocket guys not threaten the defense with the ability to run the ball. Young always did, and always had. FACT.
  8. OPINION???????????/ the facts are his TDs in the game and MOST rushing yards... i cant say it any slower, i cant do it any slower. I can draw it on a cardboard box with a crayon if you like....ITS just too easy
  9. Super Bowl XXIX MVP and Hall of Famer Steve Young was famously known for being a dual-threat quarterback. He was the first player ever to win the Super Bowl with the most touchdowns (6) and being the leading rusher of the game. NFL quarterbacks who have rushed for more than 30 yards per game in a season (minimum 10 games) areMichael Vick (7 seasons), Randall Cunningham (6 seasons), Steve Young (4 seasons), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarterback ohhhh!
  10. man, thats not even true, its just an opinion. if you said some, then yes i can agree. or you say the rookies, then i can agree. but Godgers is athlete, and he hardly just bolts. Luck is a supreme athlete. same measurables as cam, yet Luck doesnt run. the fact remains, young amongst his contemporaries was quite an qthletic qb, and won a SB. and the new crop of athletic qb's are beginging to become prevalent in the league. there is still a strong presence of pocket guys, but the athletes, both black and white are becoming the new stars as the old stars head towards the end
  11. 1. i agree 2. i agree. The league has more Pocket guys than athletes, always has, but the number is shrinking. Who knows if we have football 50+ years from now the numbers may stay the same or close the gap. I know the draft and the younger Qb's are athletes. the point is athletic qb's have won. Which is what gritz said has never happened. I had forgotten Roger the Dodger.
  12. why not just say what you mean. seriously. wont hurt my feelings. you said a pocket passer is smarter than an athletic qb..............what makes that true?
  13. I agree that the DE's arent better. but the league rules have created a disadvantage for the defense in the passing game. Its clear, the "better" DE's get the money....the game has moved away from the running game, to a game of specialists all over the field.
  14. but that wasnt the standard used to measure. the question was name an athletic qb to win the SB. it didnt say name a qb WHO HAD impressive rushing stats ONLY in the super bowl. you moving the target, wont change my argument. moving it only to make your point only creates a false truth. steve had just started his assault on the league as a rusher and passer, but you got to ignore that because that messes up your position. i gotcha. i dont think there is a need to go around in circles. gritz already run and tucked his tail. Its cool. y'all wanna consider Young a pocket passer, who tripped and fell for rushing yards. Cool
  15. the evolution of the game is easy to follow: look at salaries, and trends. QB is still big dog, but the LT, DE and CB are now on average out earning the RB.
  16. 1. the first is a matter of the games transition. million dollar passing games and defenses. with DE's now big strong and fast. its a matter of preservation, a matter or necessity. The qb's are changing with the times. 2. no the game changes, and so does the standard. balanced attacks were the norm, now its the exception. those qbs were athletes, but werent the only athletes of their era. They were just the only ones to win. the Easy out is saying Marino as a passing master, yet he never won. rules aren't created by exceptions
  17. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so its a one game type deal. So we should say the greatest qb to ever win the super bowl is............ i forgot the new paradigm is a one game one moment deal.... so thats how its done.. OOOOOOOOOOO OK
  18. luther perkins luther perkins luther perkins luther perkins luther perkins
  19. no it doesnt. Abe is one of the better in the league, OSI is a household name, but he is no abe. never has been never will be
  20. OH, roger the dodger was quite the athlete too....... so there is now 3 Godgers, Staubach, and Young. darn makes me look forgetful SEND IT
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