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  1. there is an IR, its called the NO TRADE LIST.
  2. i didnt ask. i recall mentioning trying to date an asian girl,l but there were breathe issues.
  3. I will wrassle him, but its GODGERS style or nothing at all. dude was cheese
  4. BO IS RIGHT, I WAS BOOTED OUT OF SILLY CHAT CLUB. WHAT HAPPENED IS I GOT A NEW BLACKBERRY and asked for the password. I was given the following response. Like a college rejection letter. "we regret to inform you, that your application for the password to the chat club has been denied. There was a vote, and we have decided you do not qualify as one of us." it wasnt that big of a deal, but the vote thingy will be denied, but there was a roudtable on my admission. HILARITY. just tell a Trigga No next time.... so yes BO, the SEATS TAKEN........ i forgot all about the chat rommy thingy. **** that had to be a good while ago, it involved blackberry phone........ the rest of what swift said is more than likely true. i aint read it yet
  5. no way am i playing with yall grease balls again. COUNT ME OUT
  6. been there done that, had a supreme trade vetoed, still made to playoffs
  7. if C nasty join, i hope they vote to boot you out.
  8. He needs to be on Drews team, his default #1 pick
  9. you in now, but wait till the have voting to boot you out the league again.........Poor Melvin Drake
  10. league is up. they aint had effing camp yet............... with that being said Gimme Meier with my #1 pick
  11. yes jimmy, he like you he married his first piece
  12. headshot dad must be a judge
  13. some dude from cali, i think he went in marine corps he had another name.
  14. someone searching gay and sling blade in search feature aND GOT THIS.