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  1. the thing is if you don't want to read about falcons players why log onto Atlanta falcons.com? For friendship? For drama? Lol
  2. but please here don't want to do that they'd rather spend the day acting like horn house wives than tall football...if you discuss players on the falcoms on this board you obviously are obsessed
  3. my online persona may be pyssyishs for Matt Ryan but I didn't get ballsy....when I fire shots I'm making head shots from 100 yards away and I got a piece of land where I can see yah common from about a mile away
  4. This is an Internet persona you can attack it all you want I will even represent your quarterback for an off season if I find you entertaining enough
  5. lol I've never sent my own pic thought I'm just a white boy having a good time....
  6. get started I've never called another grown man alpha bull
  7. Dude lol dude calls syco alpha bull like he is trying to get him a piece
  8. I think we all have sucks as teams.....I think we al talk up our players only mv crooks ***** bleeds because of it
  9. we blamed Romo because you opt couldn't give props to our quatree back
  10. I wish you would make up your mind team game or not dez.?
  11. http://www.sbnation.com/2015/5/27/8627221/nfl-teams-predictions-2015-broncos-falcons-giants-jets-49ers-patriots
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