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  1. I like the all white but yeah those gradient ones make me want to puke.
  2. I’m actually thinking since our team can’t develop pass rushers or oline, why not trade our picks for proven commodities?
  3. Guess what number we are on as Russell Wilson comes into town.
  4. Jared Goff has been struggling his past 15 or so games. Whose ready for him to light us up and get back his confidence?
  5. Tak has two things I want in a pass rusher. He has a helluva motor and a little bit of crazy. Plus he has one **** of a head coach who understands pass rushers.
  6. I mean people don't learn until something is taken from them. 30 for 30 type of **** right here.
  7. Aaron Rodgers is basically Favre without the head scratching throws. Rodgers seems to never turn it over considering how many times he throws it a game.
  8. As long as he come back against the Packers week 2 I'm good. You know Rodgers is coming with a chip on his shoulder.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing a luxury tax or something for Qbs considering they make 15% of the cap.
  10. I can't put Brady ahead of Ryan despite how much I despise him. Top 3 will be Ryan Rodgers and Brady.
  11. I felt like Matt had some of his best games last season without Julio. Our running game is what's indespensable.
  12. I would be interested to know if the 60 win hawk team with Lebron could beat the Warriors this year.
  13. I would love to see Mike Smith lift that log
  14. You were drafted into a mess of a franchise and helped transform it into a championship contender. To the greatest QB the Falcons have ever drafted, enjoy the day and get us a ring in February!
  15. I'd pay him 7-8 million because he is the new age back, a rb/WR hybrid. He is the ultimate weapon, and plays hard.
  16. We're drafting guys for our system and developing them. We can't say how well some of these guys would perform on another team but they have been utilized correctly and we are not wasting our resources.
  17. Another thing is our young defensive players will be a year wiser in our scheme. They started to play faster as the season wore on. Last year was trial by fire and we made a Super Bowl.
  18. Our young defense has to go against our explosive offense. Iron sharpens iron. Trufant and Alford developed very quickly because Julio and Roddy took them to school during training camp.
  19. With a name like that you'd have no choice but to succeed
  20. I hope Jake Butt names his first son Harry.
  21. I loved the Tak pick. Kid fits the Quinn mold, fast, physical, high motor, but most importantly he finishes. This is the type of guy that's going to hold others responsible for effort. I think him and Vic will benefit from each other. From what I've seen, Duke is deebo 2.0. Seems like LSU is our defense drafting pool. He's fast and hits hard. Deebo had the same experience as Duke coming in and he became a top 10 MLB after his first year. Dont know much about the other guys but looks like we added depth to key positions.
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