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  1. His team up 42 against the Jags 2nd ranked defense. Tell me why we shouldn't go get him if he's available.
  2. I've always been a huge fan of Haleys offense in Pittsburgh. Ben had his most productive seasons under him and I feel like he would get the most out of our skill players. The downside is Matt would have to adjust to a new system but I feel like he could get Ryan back to attack mode.
  3. All season Julio couldn't score in the redzone, fitting we lose that way
  4. UCF is the one true champion
  5. You have no choice but to travel to Philly now and keep this streak going
  6. Mine was Pooles tackle on Gurely 1 vs 1. I feel like that tackle set the tone defensively that we could win those matchups. I still have nightmares from previous seasons dating back to Smiths regime where our guys would always whiff. I'm grateful for our defense.
  7. I was at the game for the first time this year and it was packed. Many people are on the bridge, watching from the 200 levels, and all over the stadium are standing views.
  8. I truly belive we are the most talented and battle tested team coming into this post season. Nobody but our fans thought we would make it back and now everything's reset. We are still the NFC champions last time I checked.
  9. Our priority imo is keeping our young defense together. If Coleman wants crazy money that gets in the way, bye Felicia.
  10. I don't understand how we can make Qbs like Wilson and Rodgers look pedestrian but Joe Schmoe will light us up
  11. Every weeks tough especially this week. They're playing solid across both sides of the ball.
  12. Maybe run a Tampa cover 2. All the cbs have to do is cover the flats and tackle.
  13. I'm just happy we're playactioning more
  14. I just don't think he's as consistent as Freeman. Seems like he gets tackled in the backfield alot where Freeman can make something outve nothing. He is a gamebreaker and I love him catching passes but Freeman will be missed.