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  1. I'd love to hear you come to me and say that you ******* ****. I'd love to kick your ******* teeth so far down your throat, ******* ***** hiding behind a keyboard.
  2. This is on the coach, he should of sat him the first time he was showing signs of the injury instead of running him out there..
  3. Hes basiclly the best QB in the league? LOLOLOLOL You must be drunk or high if you actually believe this..
  4. This is a joke right? the answer to that is **** YES. Yall couldnt wait to rub it in.. Karma's a *****..
  5. Not really, you can pay anyone to dump the ball off 80% of the time..Just don't have to pay him 100 Mill..
  6. Elite DL is what you want. So draft clowney so we can all keep laughing. What a stupid move that would be especially if you give up picks to do it..
  7. Why the **** all this clowney love? Dude is a shell of what he use to be. You would be ******** to waste a high pick on him, but go head so we can laugh some more.
  8. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA LOL Im thinking you are way to delusional...And think way too much of Clowney.
  9. You believe in unicorns? Faries? Dragons? Cause you are dreaming or living in a fantasy land if you think the falcons can still win the division..
  10. Clowney would be another horrible mistake, the guy has totally disappeared. Not sure why yall are so high on him. Peppers clone? LOL
  11. Best Coaches in the league? There is no way you said or typed that with a straight face...LOL
  12. You over paid him, but good luck with ole matty melt..
  13. You really wanna get worse instead of better don't you..
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