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  1. Bad play calling OC sucks great ideal to hire him. He did so much for Tampa bay
  2. I agree if Quinn don’t turn it around this season it is time for him to go. We are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. On a side note the OC is very bad. When he was with Tampa bay they suck and now we are sucking. Why we hire this idiot?
  3. you can not use stats 2 game in and aj is there 1 wideout jones is 2 wideout he got to share catches with white and tony aj is about the only player they got so he is targeted more then jones i think jones is a better fit for the falcons becase let say green is the 1 catching WR in the draft and jones is the 2 best catching WR in the draft but also jones is for sure the best blocking WR and green maybe in the top 10 blocking WR in the draft so all around player jones is the best i think becase falcons like WR that can do everything PLUS falcons played bears,eagles i say they are 2 of the top D
  4. worst o-line in nfl baker,reynolds bad may need to move baker to guard and get a real takle
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