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  1. In his monday morning qb Peter King points out that Kroy Biermen has a good chance of flourishing in Mike Nolans Defense. As he is big which is what Nolan looks for. So we might not have to concentrate on the D Line as much as we thought now. I was just wondering what you guys thought about this.
  2. Do you really think Mike Smith would put his reputation and job on the line just so he could hire a friend?? God there are some really dumb people on this board.
  3. Let's go babyyyy!!!! We are in the playoffs we are supposed to be excited. We should be ready to see Matty Ice throw 5 TD's to our great receivers. We should be excited to see Michael Turner get a 100 yards and 2 TD's. We should be excited to see our defense which finally has some superstars such as Sean Wetherspoon, William Moore and Brent Grimes play!! Instead of being critical lets get excited! I have a feeling the Falcons are going to go no huddle the whole day and dominate this game. Falcons 31 Giants 17
  4. Yea i definitely feel like this defense is really putting it together and this is going to be a really good game for them. With Grimes back and hopefully Hayden i have not been this confident in our defense since a long long time. Spoon for prezz!
  5. I still do not understand why peter king chose us to win the super bowl yet picks against us almost every week?
  6. I think we just need to keep who we have and have Robinson restructure his deal,cuz he is solid, just not worth the money we are paying him.
  7. The man is on a mission to the super bowl this year. No one is going to stop him.
  8. He would not have had to make the play of the game if he had just put his hands up and got the interception with percy harvin behind him!
  9. Yup very solid as of recent, this is what people expected to see from him this season. Good to see him doing so well. Was wishing he would throw for another 300 yard game again lol.
  10. I honestly think Sanders and Moore will be starting once Moore is healthy, Kelvin Hayden is hopefully back and that should solve the crisp owens problem. Although Daunta has stepped it up he still needs to play better and turn his head around!
  11. I honestly feel like James Sanders is better than DeCoud at everything. So when Moore returns i say we have Sanders and Moore back there.
  12. I am a hundred percent ok with Mike Smith going for it on 4th and inches, because i remember plenty of times where we have had 4th and short and punted it and the team goes right back and scores and wins the game. And after each one of those games i felt like we should have gone for it. I am anyhow against the play call.. right up the middle, really? Play action? Pitch to Jaquizz? Something not so dang obvious. But yea props for Mike Smith for having the guts.
  13. He needs to step it up for real. IDK how many times this season Matt Ryan has gotten picked off becuz either him or TG tip the ball.
  14. Yes, props for sure, but yea i dont think harry is ready to take Roddy's spot... Roddy is a perennial pro bowler..
  15. I feel like sometimes people would rather be on the cusp of being good than being good. Because if you are good you will be compared to the best. And that is the problem with Matt Ryan, his team is elite and we are a good team, but as a qb he is not up to par with the elite team QB's. But i really do not care as long as he keeps winning. Matty Ice for president baby!
  16. I just love the way this guy is maturing on the field. Just all over the field and so good in coverage, people outside the Falcons need to start talking about him!
  17. Yup, he should be our 2nd RB and 3rd down RB from now on. Snelling should take up FB duties, because that gives us a passing FB threat as well. Very happy with Quizz thus far, almost got his first TD!
  18. Yea bad game by Ryan, saved by Julio, but i think it was just an off week, he will be back firing next week.
  19. Yea, not looking good at all, he better step it up next week at NO. But Julio for president!
  20. Yea this is true, i guess that explains it, i guess i was just wondering why i do not see him flying around like i did last season.
  21. I was a huge fan of his last season, was excellent in coverage and was the hardest hitter on the team, but i feel like he is not having the same year. As a matter of fact it seems like he has digressed. I do not know if he is injured or something but the playmaker i remember from last season is definietly not back there anymore. And shout out to our best defensive player so far this season Sean Weatherspoon the man has been rock solid every game(and grimes as well). But does anyone else feel like they are not expecting as much from Mo as they did last season? I expected to hear at least 2 big hits and a pick every game that the falcons played last season, but that has changed.
  22. Yea i say a qb who excelled at a small school in like the 6th.
  23. Yea i still do not understand what the heck Don Banks was talking about.. We paid the right price for him and he is basically giving us what we paid him for.
  24. We have to go offensive line and corner or D End next year, we basically have no other option... i mean we could go punter again..
  25. If he was to come for really cheap, i would be up for it for sure.
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