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  1. Arthur Blank should hire me. Seriously, I can and will do a better job.
  2. anyone could win with the Falcons past schedule... 6 games in a row facing a rookie QB??? And you wonder why the Falcons got blasted in the Playoffs? Get over it... Matty will not be bringing a Lombardi to Atlanta. This team is a JOKE.
  3. and now Vick is with the Eagles doing things we only WISH Matty could do.
  4. SPAGS is not walking thru that door. Billick is not walking thru that door.
  5. I always thought it was a Horse and Carrage type of relationship...kinda like Cinderella...but we all know what happens @ Midnight
  6. The fact that he was a quitter and accomplished what he was able to makes him even more AMAZING
  7. Happy New Year Robb!! glad to hear from you bro. Yes I was here thru that CRAZY TIME!! Vick received heat for being a run first pass later QB that did not go thru his reads and kept getting into DUMB IDIOTIC TROUBLE! BUT, he won on the field and more importantly...he won PLAYOFF GAMES with a skeleton roster. He never went 1 and done in Atlanta. BUT, what if he had gone 0-3?
  8. I don't want Vick here, I believe he fits PERFECTLY in Philly!. He will have a Lombardi soon enough
  9. yes, Trevor Gaylor was one **** of a WR! Quenton Mccord was no slouch either!
  10. It does matter, The Media and fanbase seem to be more "understanding" with Ryan
  11. Would he be receiving this HUGE PASS that Matt Ryan is benefitting from? Would we be blaming the OC? The GM? The HC? Would we be blaming the OL? Michael Turner? Arthur Blank? Demitroff? Tebow? Or would we simply place the blame on VICK? Would Vick job be SAFE, as it seems Matt Ryan's is?
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