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  1. I agree with OP. Regardless if it's on offense or ST, Hall provides more value than Hardy or Olamide. Plus if Ridley goes down, it's nice to have a deep threat besides Julio. Even Raheem Morris mentioned that we were missing Marvin Hall back in mid August in an article written about Olamide. As to the person who cites him being waived from the Bears as reason as to why he doesn't belong here--players get cut in preseason all the time and make a roster elsewhere. Scheme fit matters
  2. that's the thing though, our "4-3" is very similar to the Ravens 3-4 in that we're going to primarily have 3 bigger rushers on the line accompanied by a smaller guy who gets after the QB. The other LB's will be standing upright. The Ravens run cover 3 primarily also. Only big thing is that you sometimes see them go 2-4-5 on nickel packages which is what I don't see us having the ability to do unless Soliai has a big year.
  3. I'm not saying he can't be successful but if you bring in Calvin Johnson, sorry Roddy but you just moved down the depth chart. You gotta let the best players play and Irvin would be better than Reed at Sam. Plus, He knows this defense. Reed would still start just not at Sam.
  4. You're putting Irvin on the strong side cause he's better and Reed is just gonna have to move to Will or the middle. When 5 db's are on the field, we only need two LB's anyway. The best players are gonna play now that our new coach is here. I don't think salary is going to impact the depth chart that much. If you're Albert Haynesworthing it, you're going to be sitting on the bench and probably cut with DQ in command.
  5. I just don't understand how anyone could question a scenario where we have Reed, Durant, Beasley, Worrilow, and Irvin all here together. I know talent is something we're not used to on this front 7, but just open your mind and hearts to the idea of it and what it could help do for our team. A top 15 defense would immediately put us in the super bowl conversation
  6. sheez, that Tameka chick must not have heard the news. With that "legends in the making" stuff, she might want to take those rose colored glasses off. Seattle is in for a battle as Arizona is getting stronger, the Rams aren't far off, and their coaches are getting picked off. They've been so successful because they've drafted athletic, coachable players with good value, but their good coaches are finding other jobs. After they re-sign Wilson and Wagner, their depth will take a major hit. They'll be bargain shopping to fill needs.
  7. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/03/07/cap-could-hit-160-million-in-2016/This is how.
  8. I think Irvin gets about 5-6m/yr. That post was more towards the people who are clamoring for Reed, citing DQ's praise for him after the signing.
  9. DQ went after Reed because of the value and the market was pretty thin at LB. If Irvin and Reed were both FA and had the same asking price, who *are you taking? I'm taking the hometown guy who reunites with his defensive coordinator and already knows the defensive scheme.
  10. I think the Falcons have all the leverage. He wants to be here and we know it so we can low ball him in contract negotiations. Seattle most likely doesn't want a guy who is unhappy and has openly talked about playing for another team so we can remove that potential locker room "cancer" before it becomes a problem a la Harvin to Jets for a mid round pick.
  11. yes but it would be stupid on their parts because the franchise tag would pay him almost 10m guarenteed. His option was only worth about 7.6m if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Michael Bennett also wanted to be traded here per multiple reports
  13. Wor could probably cross-train and compete to hold down that spot too. Take him out on 3rd downs if he's still a liability in pass coverage. Since he's reportedly worked on his flexibility, he may have improved.
  14. Having too much depth and talent is like being too healthy. It doesn't exist.These young GA guys are of the age where some of their first memories of this team was the Dirty Bird super bowl run. It would be awesome to see them bring it back. He was at the Hawks game last night dressed head to toe in Hawks gear/colors...he's true to Atlanta.
  15. Slide Durant into the middle to compete with Wor, have Bruce at strong side and Reed at weak side with Beasley at left end, Clayborn at right end. Hageman/Babs and Soliai/Jarret/Jackson on the interior. "Soft" is the last word that would describe that front 7.
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