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  1. I agree with OP. Regardless if it's on offense or ST, Hall provides more value than Hardy or Olamide. Plus if Ridley goes down, it's nice to have a deep threat besides Julio. Even Raheem Morris mentioned that we were missing Marvin Hall back in mid August in an article written about Olamide. As to the person who cites him being waived from the Bears as reason as to why he doesn't belong here--players get cut in preseason all the time and make a roster elsewhere. Scheme fit matters
  2. things getting a little heated around here. Are we big mad or little mad? Wor isn't trash though. He's just not an every down starter. I think DJ will be our nickel LB subbing for Wor once he gets up to speed. Wor should be a great on special teams.
  3. Lol well thanks for the update. As I said, we wouldn't know unless he mentions it. Clearly, he must have. I didn't know if you were just talking out of the side of your neck or using established facts to back up what you were saying. Many people here seem to just say stuff with no evidence. It's all good bro. Idc if he weighs 150, if he's out there causing mayhem for opposing QB's.
  4. Lol you guys keep trying to answer a question that was never meant to be answered. Even in the GA heat you can still maintain weight with proper nutrition and diet. Unless you know his weight day by day, you wouldn't know how much he's dropped or gained. Some players gain weight over TC. The article never mentions how much he weighs right now, nor does it state how heavy he was at the end of last season. For all we know, he might have been 230 and is up to 238. We won't know for sure unless he mentions it. Personally I feel as long as he's making plays, I don't care what his weight
  5. Wow that equation would really work except... "His goal is to be 245lbs by the start of the season, and he's certainly ON HIS WAY" Idk how you interpret that, but to me that infers that he's not quite there yet
  6. As you lose muscle mass you will also lose weight unless you're gaining fat to supplement. I have a high metabolism so I know. A few weeks out of the gym and my body shrinks. It's reflected in how my clothes fit and on the scale. I can lose 15lbs in 2months by not lifting weights. Diet still being the same minus a whey protein shake.
  7. I honestly wanted AJ Green over Julio, so I was happy, just not ecstatic. I loved Vick, but I wasn't huge on the draft at the time. I loved Tru as well, but was more so shocked that he was available. Surprisingly, the one guy that had me extremely excited was Beasley. The rare athleticism combined with him being a homegrown talent had me on the "Beasley to Atlantey" train. Needless to say, I'm really hoping he turns out to be a Falcons great.
  8. My thoughts exactly! He was ripped last TC. Maybe the shoulder issue caused him to stop lifting and he lost muscle mass over the course of the season?
  9. How much weight did he lose last year? He weighed 246 at the combine and I thought he was on a mission to add weight for DE prior to the start of last season.
  10. We also usually have a better draft position than the Patriots. While we're fighting for top 15, they're on the back end. Their coach plugs players in to situations to utilize their strengths and minimize their handicaps. It's hard to say we've drafted better than a team that has won multiple super bowls. The player may not be a big name, but could have played a pivotal role on a winning team; that matters.
  11. Yeah he sucked last year and showed no improvement whatsoever from TC to week 17. I remember I called for him to be benched and people jumped down my throat until DQ apparently agreed with me. He still has time to develop though.
  12. Boykin or Casey Hayward would be great additions to the secondary. Hayward would be a nice security blanket if we lose Alford after this season too. Young corner who can play inside or outside effectively. Also from GA. I would be satisfied with either over Jalen Collins.
  13. I'm really hoping we can get Freeman as a top priority right now. If we have some cash remaining after that, I would love to bring in Casey Hayward. He would be a good CB to add to our secondary and a nice piece just in case things break down with Rocky next year. He's also from GA.
  14. "As a run blocker, Sanu disappoints." -So much for that argument that we needed a big, physical receiver that could block for this WCO run heavy scheme. I'm still on a wait and see approach. Given the breakdown of his contract, this could be a major boom for us.
  15. Sports Illustrated also ranked him fourth in drop rate from 2014 to middle of 2015: http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/10/28/nfl-2015-worst-hands-julian-edelman-leonard-hankerson
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