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  1. I think we get to him 2-3 times on Sunday. I'm not sure what the score will be but I think we get to him. In my Charles Barkley voice, "I GUARANTEE IT" lol
  2. I'd move Deion before I'd move Grady. Good DT's are hard to find. Deion is still a good player but his not on the level he once was. Grady on the other hand is still producing. And yes, you'd have to give me a 1st and 4th to move off of Grady.
  3. That DLine is pretty freaking nasty. Very close to TBs line.
  4. Anyone else find themselves pondering how many yards we will give up on 3rd downs. This is MY team even though I root for the Chiefs (I live in KC), and NO MATTER WHAT i'm sticking around. The defense has played better in some of those situations through these first 2 games
  5. I was at the OU vs Nebraska game this weekend and the OU fans that I talked to were not impressed with Rattler. They said he just doesn't have that factor that Kyler or Baker had. They said it just feels different. Great fan base though
  6. I still think Matt can win in this league but there are factors to his wins now. He needs goooood OL play and routes under 20 yards. I didn't want to agree with Julio but its true, I do think Matt has lost the deep ball he had a few years ago.
  7. We may be headed there soon lol I get your point and they did give up 29 but we only put up 6 against Philly
  8. I'm more worried about this weekends game. The Eagles vs Bucs front line is not even close to me. He's going to get Suh and Vea oooooooouch!!! Gameplan will really need to be tweaked to help him.
  9. Saw the same thing and a Titans fan saying that they should pay him. All I could say was, "Yep sounds like us Falcons fans until we got feed up with no practicing and wanting more"
  10. Not going to lie, I love what Julio did on the GAME FIELD but I wasn't heart broken. It was TIME lol
  11. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I live in KC but i'll be watching Falcons allllll year (and I support the chiefs so i'll be flipping back and forth)
  12. Oooh guys its just Julio being Julio. He's not practicing in Tennessee either lol. I wonder what type of influence that will have on AJ Brown now and later in his career.
  13. I'm kinda of with @ya_boi_j hard to tell but if you're asking me to just throw one out. I'm between 8-9 and 10-7. Yes, new system, and it will take awhile.
  14. Bullard is the biggest surprise to me right now. He came in and isn't playing around.
  15. As a Florida Gators fan Franks still has a ways to go in my book. I hope his time at Arkansas has helped him mature.
  16. As a Florida Gator fan I would have loved that for the future of our team. I'm ok due to the pieces we picked up by not drafting a QB. BUTTTTT I can only think, bc Kyle Trask has a great feel for the game. Mullen's system makes QB's look really good but you have to be smart to play in that system as well. He's producing some great QB talent through his system (A Smith, Dak, Trask). I with ya BUD
  17. I agree I agree, bring back the old unis
  18. Anyone else notice this...This is Classic, wish these were our actual jerseys. Check out this image the team shared of wide receiver Calvin Ridley wearing the throwbacks below, per the Falcons’ Facebook page.
  19. Agreed there, i'm more so on the train of following a plan. I'm not sure what plan Quinn had sometimes. I don't think Dimmy being held to the Falcon for life contracts helped in long term planning either. But I do get your point
  20. No, the Hawks are a lot YOUNGER, made a plan to get younger and ATHLETIC, and followed the plan.
  21. I get your point, I was just going off my personal preference (Roddy gets all my love).
  22. We all have questions when it comes to players like Deion and Vick. But to me when you say their names, I think of them and their times as Falcons and what they did for the team and city. Sooooo "MY" Falcons Rushmore would be: Ryan, Deion, Julio, Tuggle Nobis, Roddy, and Vick are close to the heart as well.
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