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  1. They both stink at times and sometimes they have great games...Point blank, it is what it is
  2. Wellll we just missed a long ball to Julio
  3. Broncos just made Chris Harris available. Anyone interested???
  4. Yes, agreeing with that. And I know that there are only a few players league wide that have the extra go like Takk has. I hope there are no dogs (puppies) on our sidelines next week. Thanks
  5. @SummerhillFello Gator here to. I agree with your overall thoughts on the team. I question the dog in us as well. I'm starting to see some come to light since we've been in battles lately with Mississipi State, LSU, and the first half of Vandy. Joseph has a chance to be a really good prospect, but he's missing that edge that Deion Jones has for us. Secondary wise I AGREE they are very young but a talented group. With Florida we have always had good corners like Hargreaves, Tabor, both Haden brothers, Dawson, Maye, Poole (with us), Wilson...Just to name a few. Go Gators and get that offense started early so I don't have heart attacks in the first half lol...
  6. I don’t know if anyone’s posted it but I Love the idea of going after Patrick Peterson
  7. Write me off for this but I wouldn’t be mad if we went out and got Patrick Peterson and slid Alford inside
  8. I agree with everything you posted. That deep ball just isn’t connecting like it has in the past. Not sure if the routes in the route tree had any accommodations added this year. But Matt has been playing at the Top tier of QBs this year
  9. I have often thought this but who’s fault is that Matt, Steve, or Dan’s. Bc this has been a problem for a looooong time, being conservative.
  10. Thanks for starting this, I mentioned this in another thread. It’d be nice to know something on him, but I’d have to agree with @montanaman71 on why we haven’t heard anything.
  11. Now thats funny
  12. Has anyone heard how Debo is doing and his rehab process. I feel like I haven’t heard anything.
  13. Just hurt feelings my man. The sky isn’t falling but it looks like it is going to rain
  14. Realistically I think it’s too late for us to trade and make things happen. Let’s just play with the cards we were dealt and see what happens. Sad reality, but it is what it is.
  15. Yoooo you putting in work on these replies lol