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  1. Najee Harris Christian Barmore Zaven Collins Jalen Phillips Jabril Cox Javonte Williams
  2. I'll bet he takes a discount to come play for us. Ok who am I kidding lol
  3. ****, well you proved your point WELL lol
  4. Now this i agree 10000000000% with. I'm hoping that a couple restructures will allow us to get a quality Safety aka Field General
  5. I get it I get it, but Our whole Secondary besides AJ have been overated lol
  6. I think he's better than Denard, and a great veteran presence for the younger guys.
  7. Jussssssst saying if he's available and the money isn't an issue (I know our CAP problem, but it can be worked around), this would be a great pick up. Wishful thinking PATRICK PETERSONDB, ARIZONA CARDINALS ESPN's John Weinfuss believes it's "likely the Cardinals are not going to re-sign CB Patrick Peterson." Peterson, 31, was able to play all 16 games in 2020 after facing a PED suspension last year. He was more grabby in coverage, however, and shouldn't be treated as the lockdown coverage corner he was in
  8. I'm hoping that we can take care of S during FA. WE are in pretty good shape at LB, but another playmaker never hurts.
  9. IF and a big IF, we address it in FA what would be your next defensive position of need
  10. I actually like the FA moves bc it could help with our draft. The only thing i'd do is stay at 14 and take Najee, i'd take the OL that had a great Senior Bowl cant think of his name with pick #36, #51 Jabril Cox LB. I'd leave everything else the same as to what you picked. Not sure if it was you or not but I love the thought of Darden.
  11. Come on man let me dream. I also have the feeling he will blow up at his pro day and become a top 20 player.
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