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  1. I like the idea of trading back into the 1st if we trade down from 16
  2. Gator fan here and BLANK yes I’d take him, if Kinlaw isn’t there. Actually plays the ball and gets his head around. Sure tackling isn’t his strong suit, coverage is. By now ppl here should be used to DBs not tackling.
  3. But but but TD SUCKS!!! Great contract, esp with the cap going up next year.
  4. IF Kinlaw is not there at 16 sign me up for CJ Henderson, or trade back a few spots and still take BEST DB. Would love to draft Kinlaw at 16, trade our 2nd and Baltimore's 4th to sneak back into the 1st to get a top corner (BUT I KNOW I'M DREAMING THAT SCENARIO lol).
  5. Waycross Ga baby...I grew up next door to you in Alma
  6. Yep I’m originally from Southeast Ga, I’m the outcast of my family. Everyone is a Ga fan, I LOVE Fla and GaTech. Love my Falcons, KC is the 2nd team I cheer for.
  7. Who cares Go Gators lol
  8. Ummm sorry bud but I don’t think Oliver’s school is in the Big 10.
  9. Happy bday fellow Falcon
  10. Those are the mocks I appreciate, someone taking into consideration what we've added and whats still an ESSENTIAL need. Sometimes ppl have to be realistic. TD isn't trading back 2 twice in one draft. The questions we don't know between TD and Q are if these 2 players are there who do we value more, what position is more of a pressing mood, what will be available later.
  11. 10000000000000% agree , I've even let the personal preference get in my mock
  12. I understand where you are coming from. I know we all want (well not all) the big names and thats fine, but we really need to get younger players in a few positions of need. My opinion, but instead of thinking about a guy like Suh (1 year rentals leave you with holes the following year), draft a young DT, take a young safety (strong or free). WE all can agree we are injury prone at the Safety position. I think we need depth at some positions like LB/DE, but my tune has total changed after this first wave of FA. Again, my biggest concerns now in building a franchise, not a team, is to get younger at DT and Safeties
  13. Yeah I’m confused bc I’m starting to think we are only paying him 3.5 from this article (am I reading this wrong) Gurley agreed to a one-year, $6 million contract, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. He had already been paid $7.5 million by the Rams before he was released and with $2.5 million subtracted from his Falcons deal due to offset language, his total earnings will be $11 million in 2020, keeping him as one of the NFL's three highest-paid running backs.
  14. Maybe we’re waiting on Suh’s price tag to come down lol jk
  15. Exactly what I said...Keep him fresh