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  1. When Dan Quinn said he was PISSED, I knew it was going to be a great defensive week. I'm hoping this keeps progressing.
  2. I’d have the paperwork ready an hour ago if I was GM and that’s all it took buddy
  3. I agree with you guys but what are we willing to give up. Dolphins want a 1st for him
  4. Minkah Fitzpatrick wants out of Miami, and is available now
  5. Sooo does all of the staff he just brought in get let go or just a new head coach.
  6. IF you read the post I clarified I'M NOT GIVING UP ON OUR SEASON.
  7. Coaches, staff, maybe we let go/trade away some people.
  8. Saw this on PFT's Week 2 Picks. Eagles at Falcons MDS’s take: It’s hard not to be down on the Falcons after seeing the way they laid an egg in Week One. I’m expecting the Eagles’ defense to stifle the Falcons’ offense again, and Atlanta will suddenly find itself with very little margin for error in the NFC playoff race. MDS’s pick: Eagles 20, Falcons 13. Florio’s take: The season could quickly go off the rails for the Falcons, which could get owner Arthur Blank to move his finger toward the reset button. Florio’s pick: Eagles 27, Falcons 21. Do you think, IF, things go south this season Blank hits the RESET button. I'm not giving up on our season (seeing a lot of that going on), I just wonder if this could be the case if we don't get the results we all know are possible.
  9. I’m in KC
  10. 31-20 Falcons alllllll day Julio, Calvin, Freeman have scores with one of them possibly doubling up
  11. They will have a problem when they try to sign My-homie lol
  12. From watching him put here in KC, I’m sure he wouldn’t start over those 2. Now he may have been training like heck and improved his speed but last year in KC, that wasn’t Eric Berry
  13. This is the one thing people often forget. Scheme, packages, and Q has said this since he's been here, "I want our guys to stay fresh". Good post
  14. I remember that, some will love it some will hate it. But we have to do something at some point