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  1. I'd be ok with him. I have buddy thats from Houston and a big Texans fan. He said his biggest problem with the Texans at that time was the clash between Smith and ownership. They were not going to let him do his job and he wanted to be able to run fully do his job with out all the extra noise (aka Cowboys style)
  2. So I'm guessing we just don't make in game adjustments do we Dirk...ughhhh
  3. IF Julio just stood there...He might hurt himself. No, I think Julio needs 2 complete games off. Reality is Julio is going to have some type of injury EVERY YEAR. I remember Deion Sanders saying he would give Julio the best WR title but Julio is only going to give you 14 games not 16.
  4. When you're 2-14 on 3rd down something is wrong with 3rd down. Thats cow crap bad
  5. Matt has always held on to the ball instead of throwing it away, but **** 6 sacks. Bring in an extra blocker, tell matt to throw the ball away on a play just so he gets use to it lol
  6. I don't have to tell you but ITS WHO WE ARE
  7. I agree the whole offense looks bad, but throw the ball away instead of having happy feet. Will Julio ever be able to play without lower leg injuries (maybe its due to the short off season so i'll keep that in mind).
  8. Oliver still smells like that Alfalfa line off of The Little Rascals
  9. I feel as though EB has had a great track record with running backs during his coaching career. Peterson, Chester Taylor, Westbrook, McCoy, Charles, Williams and now CEH. There are probably a few. I get that Andy Reid picks the plays and EB relays them, but he has to have ideas of his own, and DESERVES A CHANCE. Thats all i'm saying
  10. Yes, but who do we give credit to for the strong running game presence the Chiefs have had since Andy and Co. have been in KC.
  11. I haven't had the chance to see Lance on film (so I don't know if i'm high on him or not yet), but if there is a chance to grab a young talented future QB, go get em. Matt's still playing well to me, but to be able to have Matt mentor an up and coming QB, will help this franchise as it enters the next phase, whenever that is.
  12. Couldn't agree more with the transition they have been through. Even with Matt still being here, EB has the tools/offensive scheme that would allow Matt to use one of his BEST assets; Reading a Defense.
  13. As a Falcons Fan 1st and a Chiefs fan 2nd here's my wish list. GM: Mike Borgonzi HC: Eric Bieniemy 2nd GM: Louis Reddick HC: Eric Bieniemy
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