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  1. Joe Jackson will go 2-3rd round from what scouts are saying
  2. I love it I love it, I agree with @Falconsin2012 we’d have to take Simmons in the 3rd.
  3. This ^...He’s great when he plays but his consistency is something I’d frown at. I’ll take Bruce in a system he’s comfortable with instead of Clowney
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if we sign someone like Logan or Hankins to play alongside Grady, draft a DE/LB in the 1st and use a 2nd/3rd on Simmons and stash him. Using our FA money on the OL. Not saying its going to happen but I could see it (I don't see us resigning Campbell after this year).
  5. Do we have enough Cap Space after signing all of these coaches to sign anyone??? Lol
  6. Clock management yes, Andy Ried issues yes. But when you are in charge of the defense and you offense is scoring 33+ again and you are losing games, SOMETHING STINKS.
  7. Nooooooooo, just dont let him near the defense. I live out here in Kansas City, and cheer for the Chiefs when they are not playing the Falcons. I can tell you this, that defense had its ups and downs, and blew toooo many leads. As a Senior Assistant yes but thats it.
  8. I think I saw that and I missed him until the Mississippi State game this year. I kept looking at the big names.
  9. As a Gator fan I love it but he’ll be gone before our pick.
  10. I still like the idea of letting Vic walk and drafting Jachai Polite at 14 and trading back into the 1st (via 2nd and 4th round picks) to draft a Lawrence or Wilkins. I don’t know if Simmons will be there.
  11. This is funny or I’m confused. Beasley and Vic are the same person lol.
  12. I know I might get flamed for this but I could see us drafting Campbell's replacement this year.
  13. Well i guess we are cleaning house. Matt Bryant gone. Gonna miss that guy
  14. 2 please
  15. I like this draft and FA...I’ve been saying for awhile I’d love to take Jachai Polite and move back into the first for someone like Lawrence if they slip to say mid 20’s.