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  1. NO NO NO. Living out here in KC, he’s not what you think. In most games Andy has taken over the play calling. If you would go back and watch any game that they have gotten off to a slow start, you’d see that Andy takes over. Living out here has opened my eyes with coaching. Andy does a great job with play calling but his clock management is as bad as Quinn. So I’m actually going to say BIG NO to Bieniemy
  2. LB coach was one of the reasons we took Tak. Wellllll he had a better look at him due to coaching there.
  3. I feel as though we pick the fight but then we walk away. Look at Quinn's and Ryan's post game conferences. I wish they would really tell us how they feel. Get under someone's skin. I want someone in the room to say, i'm taking my level up play up to the next level, and I dare anyone in here to match it.
  4. Means ppl like Coleman and Beasley are going to get paid on the open market. Somewhere Grady and Julio are smiling as well.
  5. If the Cards want to win, they just need to fire someone before Sunday. Pretty easy formula.
  6. That SC game was a nice running day for us Gators.
  7. Can’t cut him until Calvin shows some consistency. Those drop are starting to bother me. Again CONSISTENCY
  8. The Atlanta Falcons select Otis Nixon lol
  9. Blame it on Sark he called the ply to late...He gets extra blame for everything so...
  10. I’ve thought this but haven’t said it
  11. ^This...One bad season doesn’t ruin it all. Half of the fans wanted him fired last year and he turned it around and we won a playoff game. Retool and see what happens.
  12. If Quinn somehows gets the AX...Gimmmmmie Dabo Swinmey
  13. I had to do it lol
  14. Holding on Matthews. That’s Sarks fault bc he called that play