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  1. Surely you are being sarcastic. Ryan played a **** of a game. This loss is in no way on Ryan. If you think otherwise go bury your head in the sand because you have lost any sense of football you may or may not have had.
  2. I would love to see a turn around. At this point i just do not think Dan Quinn is capable of turning this around. If we win this week and i do mean if it will be a miracle and still will not tell us anything because of who we are playing. At this point unless we can win out or at most lose 1 game we may as well tank out so we can get a change in Flowery branch and a high draft pick. Quinn cannot coach this team to live up to its potential he has lost this team and he is Jim Mora all over again.
  3. case in point Eli won 2 SB and Ryan is by far better than Eli
  4. i believe that is exactly the case. Rodgers ego ruined what they had. he is a no nonsense offensive guy that could take our offense back to what it is capable of. He would need a good defensive coordinator like maybe Wade Phillips at least someone proven defensively.
  5. i say yes. Go get him before someone else does and someone will soon
  6. Washington at this point as much as i hate to say it is smarter than we are . They now get the head start in a coaching search.
  7. This team is so frustrated that Alex Mack is making bonehead penalties that are very uncharacteristic of him. It is time for Quinn to go and go now period. McCarthy is probably the best candidate available and should definitely be considered before someone else swoops in on him. I know what some will say but Rodgers is who ousted him and the ownership allowed it he is a very solid coach and could probably do wonders with this team. Time for someone proven and quit trying to make some unknown a head coach. We dont have much time before Ryan Julio and a few others are washed up.
  8. Hire McCarthy before someone else does
  9. One could only wish
  10. Yep true Mike Smith fashion. Quinn should be gone today period the end
  11. Bro yes top 4 to 7 in the league. Facts are facts. I find it humorous those that put way to much on the success or lack of success on the QB. He cant block for himself catch his own passes or stop another team from scoring.
  12. i will need the $50.00 to buy alcohol so i can watch the game this Sunday just sayin. We are a dumpster fire right now. been a fan all my life will never give up hope will never not back my team but reality is reality.
  13. that was on Rodgers. Rodgers is as big headed as they come now. It was his way or no way that was the problem there and the ownership allowed it