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  1. That is awesome. Offensive linemen don't usually get the credit they deserve so I am sure this is a good thing for them to help inspire them.
  2. I can't wait to see him on the field this year.
  3. What a moron. All they had to do was kneel down and kick a feild goal. We should have never been attempting a pass in that situation. Then to boot old Kyle repeated his mistake
  4. They put in three voidable years to keep his cap charge down. Probably two more years on the field
  5. This deal was done so Breeze can retire and the Aints can push his guaranteed money over the 2021 and 2022 season. Breeze will not officially retire until June. This actually cost the Aints 1 million to do it but saved them something like 20 million in cap in 2021. Breeze will not be playing for the league minimum I can assure you.
  6. They only did this so they will be able to spread his guaranteed dead cap over two years. Yes it cost the team the league minimum to do it so breeze gets an extra million in the deal and the Aints can save some dead cap space this year when he retires post June.
  7. You had your dream boy Breese who through count them three interceptions. Looks like he is about to retire after blowing a big lead to lose. Have a nice off season looks like you are in for a long winter break.
  8. You had me till you said rise up. I dont think I want to hear that again lol. It is time to move on from slogans and just play ball.
  9. This is a great article and further leads me to believe this is the right hire. He will be a plus for Ryan for sure.
  10. If he is the right guy who cares. If anyone else hires him they get the picks. May as well be us of he is the best man for the job.
  11. I hope the Bucs win and Brady gets knocked out for the remainder of the playoffs
  12. I want a good draft pick at this point. I do want to see us be very competitive with the top team we are facing and would like to see us win 1 more game against a playoff team for that reason. I want our future coach and GM to see our talent at its best so they can make informed decisions on our future.
  13. I agree with what you say here however what makes it even worse is using a time out and then not going for it. If he was going to kick a field goal that's fine no need in wasting a time out to do it. That combination definitely did it for me.
  14. Maybe it is the fact Quinn knew his butt was on the line and the way he was coaching. I bet the players all feel like they can now just play and the weight is off their shoulders and they can jut go out and play ball. Im sure they all feel a sense of relief about now.
  15. That is exactly what I said. Why are you high fiving these guys right now what are you watching? It was like Jim Mora 2.0 WTH
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