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  1. Prayers for you and your family. Keep the faith
  2. Amazing story i wish nothing but the best for him. i hope he shines with us i am sure he will work hard to be the best he can be. GOD bless him in all he does and i hope his story will help someone else that needs help
  3. He must be smoking crack. He is not and will not ever be better
  4. Still say it was Shanahan that got us to the SB but he cost us that game as he cost the 49ers this one.
  5. so now Shanny sees the importance to run the ball. If he had done that just on that last drive we would have won the Superbowl. Thing is he doesn't have near the QB he had with Ryan. I am not sure he can get the balance to win this time around but we will see.
  6. I have been saying for years we need a defense and O line and Ryan will win a superbowl. They have come close twice and both times the defense was ranked 25th and 26th. Both times had the lead and once a decisive lead in the dang superbowl only for our defense to choke it away.
  7. The impact Morris has had on our D backs is huge. We have been lost at that position far to long. He needs to stay i believe he is the biggest difference in our defense
  8. I just looked and there are no updates. I sure hope he is going to be ok this guy has a very good future ahead of him.
  9. very accurate article. Matt Ryan is much better than many give him credit for. Our coaches and Defense has cost us at least 2 titles
  10. I will be at thos game and only for this reason.
  11. I think everyone will be surprised how he plays when coaches properly and in the correct position at all times
  12. Julio and Ryan were not smiling but I agree most of them were. Quinn should have already been fired.
  13. Surely you are being sarcastic. Ryan played a **** of a game. This loss is in no way on Ryan. If you think otherwise go bury your head in the sand because you have lost any sense of football you may or may not have had.
  14. I would love to see a turn around. At this point i just do not think Dan Quinn is capable of turning this around. If we win this week and i do mean if it will be a miracle and still will not tell us anything because of who we are playing. At this point unless we can win out or at most lose 1 game we may as well tank out so we can get a change in Flowery branch and a high draft pick. Quinn cannot coach this team to live up to its potential he has lost this team and he is Jim Mora all over again.
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