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  1. This will never happen since neither can block.... This is why we haven't seen Coffman in the games... TG is in with LT since LT can block ok....
  2. lol... Not going to work to do the job you get paid to do because Holmes and others you mention didn't do their jobs? Solid logic....
  3. We lost the one good PB and RB TE when Gallarda went down. TG has never been strong at blocking and is in there doing it since Coffman can't block at all. I seriously doubt TG expected to be in this role in his last season and isn't going to risk injury except in just chipping and unfortunately that's not going to be effective.
  4. Bedwetter only reported what the Falcon coaches had him listed as.... who do the coaches and Dimitroff think they are... we fans all know they should take their counsel from us...
  5. Gallarda gets little attention here but seems to go about his work quietly and consistent. As I watched him last season before his injury I noted his consistency. He catches well and blocks better than any of the other TEs according to MS last year after his injury. I saw the game he was injured and it was on the play where he split the Wedge on kick off. I believe he's one of those guys Armstrong labels as having the toughness needed on special teams. I like Coffman but candidly he cannot block and although I think he will develop Toilolo has yet to prove he can play at the NFL level. With TG going after this season, I would not be surprised to see 4 TEs carried this year with us being set next year with three very good TEs going forward in Coffman, Gallarda and Toilolo. If we go with three I can see Toilolo on the PS.
  6. Well he did drop some easy passes and yes it was the first day, but we all can agree on one thing - it will be easier to drop passes when the pads go on..... I'm interested in seeing if he can block NFL DEs. Coffman may have made one great catch last year but he can't block - at all..... A TE even today has to be able to block...
  7. I thought Gallarda had 6 games last season on the active roster and isn't 6 games the thing that will prevent him from being considered for the PS?
  8. Well first off Gallarda can't go on the practice squad... and wouldn't go so far to anoint Ewing or Toilolo as effective NFL blockers yet since neither have taken a down in the NFL... Toilolo got whacked without pads on a few weeks back. Not saying either Ewing or Toilolo can't be good - just waiting to see what happens when pads go on and both meet OC and Biermann....
  9. Yea - Rodgers was just supporting a friend who lied to him... We all have had that friend ourselves...
  10. Smith is not giving up Gallarda with Stephen Jackson in the house... Gallarda was lauded as the best blocking TE of the group last year before getting injured and the staff must have believed Gallarda was better than Palmer. Coffman showed last year he couldn't block.... I would not be surprised if they carry 4 TEs this year with Toilolo, Gallarda and Coffman the future. Just saying.
  11. He's been given 4 years of chances.... and his college record is hurting him - if you haven't notice he can't block and he has had 4 years to improve that and hasn't... Every TE has to be able to block.
  12. I believe CP is actually a better QB than RW. I do not know where the "arm thing" is coming from. The guy was drafted by MLB as a pitcher because of his fastball and he gave that up to be a footballer.... He's bigger and faster than RW which makes him a load if he gets into the secondary. Nolan must know all this and has special plans for him. Perhaps a rotating Spy or something to make him lose focus on where "its" coming from each play... I am much more concerned about the 49ers than I was with Seattle. The Niners are very good on both sides of the ball....
  13. My only question is what is the purpose of the anouncement? Just go out with class...
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