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  1. All saints fans are stupid and their city is a sht hole... End of story
  2. Has any1 been approached by the spiked hair guys yelling rise up in their golf cart at the tailgates.. those guys creep me out
  3. Strongly disagree.. believe it or not we have been planning 7 months for this game. Thru draft, free agency,etc. The blame was put on the "explosion" factor.. well sunday we will see how explosive td and company have become. Imo this is make or break for coaching and staff and should be
  4. **** I just started this topic.... and was thinking about it all day... thanks for the buzz kill. my post is better though
  5. Do you all realize how much this Greenbay games means for our season but even more importantly what it means for so many people within this organization. Let me start at the top. Last year after a terrible loss to the Greenbay Packers in the Divisional Playoff round the Falcons said we need to be more explosive on both offense and defense. So what did we do... We did not put the blame on the coaching nor did we put the blame on our players, qb, etc. We simply said we were one or 2 pieces away on both sides of the ball. So TD went out and got Julio Jones for our explosion on offense, Ray Edwards for our explosion on defense, and a Nickel and DB depth in Sanders and Hayden. Now what many people don’t realize is that this game will be what we have planned for all offseason.... Now if we go out and lay a big goose egg then I really do believe things should and will be shaken up... I do believe that AB will really start to question his faith in TD and that things will become very shaky within the Coordinator positions.
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