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  1. andrew luck can "make all the throws" too. he has a noodle. ryan can make all the throws but they take too long to get there. seriously look at his throwing motion on a 20 yard dink. he is putting some serious effort into it. look at all the p.i. calls we get from the ball hanging in the air allowing dbs to catch our receivers that were previously wide open but end up caught because theyre waiting at the bus stop whistlin dixie and checkin their watch for ryans pass to get there. our definition of "all the throws" is different. you're happy that it even gets there at all, i want it there with zip that's all.
  2. i thought it was hilarious lol next year though is when the nike deal starts.
  3. A lot of our problems with lack of yac is ryan. he doesnt put the receivers in a position to get yac. you have to turn in your ryanette fan club card to see it though. he's been uncharacteristically inaccurate this year. normally you can depend on him to at least be accurate but he hasnt been placing the ball well at all.
  4. What personal attack? I'm just stating the facts. You don't want to see criticism of ryan but i don't see you complaining about unwarranted praise for the guy either. No disrespect to you was intended with my post. My apologies if it came across that way.
  5. he is a physical monster. he is bigger faster stronger and quicker than hd. its not even close! if we traded 5 picks for a guy thats not the most explosive player on offense we need to can the gm TODAY.
  6. That kind of stuff kind of doesn't matter when you lose.
  7. I have never questioned ryan's character or effort. Those are 2 things I admire in him. Reminds me of Chad Pennington in that regard. And others. What I don't understand is why you're complaining about us complaining about them complaining about us complaining about ryan's lack of physical ability. What does it do for you? It's obvious to people with 2 eyes and at least 40/80 vision that Ryan doesn't have the arm to deliver hot passes yet we still see people blaming mularkey, global warming, and osama bin laden for ryan's shortcomings. I didn't start the thread and I'm pretty sure they are here for discussion. This isnt mattryancirclejerk.com although some wish it were.
  8. I'd like to see those new nike jerseys but i'll settle for getting rid of the gay white pants and red jerseys. they both suck. all black is where its at.
  9. great post. i think this has game of the week potential. even though i hate how we play down to our opponents its almost always an exciting game. its never over thats for sure.
  10. no way hes more explosive than julio are you serious? look at the td vs indy that he took a 5 yard pass 80 yards for a td. THATS explosive. douglas lost the explosiveness with the knee injury. get him in space yeah he can do some things but he wouldnt have taken that pass to the house.
  11. we shoulda got vjax for less than 5 picks and shored up the oline. djax is a bum. he has more dropped tds than catches.
  12. can i borrow a napkin to wipe the coffee off my screen lol
  13. No, just for lacking the ability to put the mustard on passes.
  14. only 2 games a year are determined by how bad or good you play. the other 14 are set in stone years in advance. know what youre talking about before you talk it.
  15. interviewer: So Matt how do you feel about being drafted by atlanta? ryan: hahaha no thanks.
  16. argue all you want its obvious to an objective eye ryans passes DO NOT have zip. whatsoever. have you seen the effort in his throwing motion just throwing a 20 yard pass? yikes.
  17. that actually sounds like a plan to me. we dont have to be embarrassed in the playoffs yet again and we can get a better pick in the draft for td to blow.
  18. couple more days and you can copy my screenname again! whats funny is looking at my profile views. its always my biggest fans that are recent visitors.
  19. OC: Here's a weightbench and some steroids. You got some serious work to do son.
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