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  1. Defense Wins Championships!

  2. Good Boy Thomas...
  3. So in 24hrs Clay signs w Buffalo, Hardy w Dallas, and we resign Kroy..... Ok
  4. Usual involves someone who believes the laws and rules of society do not apply to them, thrown in with lots of stupidity, and lack of respect for others.... ps... more than likely some innocent human gets hurts because of their actions.
  5. Per ESPN: This wasn't the first controversial Seahawks goal-line play at University of Phoenix Stadium. On Oct. 17, 2013, Lynch went "Beast Mode" against his offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, without carrying the football. In the third quarter of a 34-22 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Lynch made an obscene gesture to Bevell when the offensive coordinator called a pass play instead of a Lynch run. Great running back maybe, Classless thug Yes.
  6. Old,troublemaker, .....
  7. +++
  8. Ray Lewis killed a man in Atlanta and his lawyers got him off. No thanks.