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  1. Jersey black to red with the red pants might would look pretty good tho
  2. Kristian Fulton ended up being a shutdown corner on my madden.....just sayin
  3. Center and RB with our 2nd picks....na I'll pass...also not on the AJ Espenesa bandwagon, he is just a bust waiting to happen IMO...3-7 picks look good tho
  4. If Kinlaw isnt there I trade down. Grab another 2nd and a late 1st grab the best cb with the 1st and then de dt and s with the 3 2nds. In no way do I want another VB44 or anyone even with a similar skillset. I want someone with a bull rush, I'm over these finesse guys.
  5. I wonder if TD would give up our 1st and 2 2nd's for the #2 spot aka Chase Young? Would that be enough to move up that high? I know we have so man more needs that it's crazy to do that but I wouldnt put it pass TD honestly. Trying to catch lighting in a bottle in the same way he did with Julio.
  6. Hopped the Baltimore bandwagon and gonna ride it to the superbowl Also **** the Aints
  7. Does he have any connection to Quinn in his past coaching or is this just a random shot in the dark wishlist post? I dont know much about Kitchens but it does seem his backs produce.
  8. QB Hits Allowed Through Week 16: OAK: 50 NO: 55 BAL: 56 CLE: 63 MIN: 66 ARI: 67 KC, PIT: 71 CHI: 75 LAR: 76 DEN, SF: 78 CIN, DAL: 82 JAX: 83 GB: 85 HOU: 86 NE: 87 DET, LAC: 88 BUF: 91 IND: 93 WAS: 94 PHI: 95 TEN: 96 CAR: 97 NYJ: 107 TB: 108 SEA: 109 NYG: 111 ATL: 117 MIA: 148
  9. Also doing this without Neal Pretty crazy how were playing right now...are we already eliminated from the playoffs? What happens if we run the table?
  10. I'll take beating the aint's and celebrating it for the week. F the saints!
  11. Hahaha man what an idiot.. Please don't bring him home T.D.
  12. Trufant and grimes would have been dominant even without a passrush...still wish we still had ol sugar nips
  13. Yeah im curious why Ryan isnt playing...kinda feeling cheated as a falcon fan but the bulldog homer in me is satisfied
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