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  1. Our biggest issue with that is that we have not been forcing enough punts/turnovers to get the ball in our offenses hands more often...
  2. Which leads me to my next point... Nobody gives a sh!t who you define as "elite" players...
  3. Can we just take the word "elite" and ban it from existence? I'm so sick and tired of this "elite" bs it's not even funny. It is basically a quantifier created by the media to make themselves sound smarter. Now it has become a vehicle for idiots on this board to pepper into their posts to make themselves feel smarter about football. Who in the blue heII cares if someone calls their QB "elite". It means absolutely nothing and it the whole concept is really starting to p!ss me off... Do we really need a million threads on this board on whether or not Ryan is "elite"? Can we just say he's
  4. Agreed, Steve Smith is a one of a kind type player... a little guy who can dominate on the outside. Darius Johnson has the potential to be a solid slot guy, I don't really see him as a guy who can go outside and be a factor game in and game out.
  5. That, my friend, is actually Frankenberry And, yes they most certainly do... If you go to Target they have all those, including the Amazing Count Chocula. The Target by me has Frankenberry, the count, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy. Though they did change the last two for their "relaunch". Fruit Brute is now Cherry flavored, and I believe the Mummy is now orange flavored...
  6. They lost their 1st Round G to a leg injury in the PS and I think it has been downhill from there. They can score some points, but if our def can get some pressure like we did vs Tampa we should be okay... definitely can't have a 5 int repeat performance from Ryan this year though, don't think we could survive another one of those Palmers one of those guys who doesn't operate well if he doesn't have a pristine pocket...
  7. This is obviously a forged statement... I've been told literally hundreds of times on here that nobody in the NFL respects Matt Ryan...
  8. His mind definitely works quick, but he never seems to panic. Just imagine how good this team could be with a solid line and healthy skill guys. I think in the long run it will help him become a better quarterback as his decision making and the time it takes him to diagnose the defense will speed up even more. Also, I think it's also good for him to work with guys besides Julio and Roddy as well, so he can build the trust/rapport with guys like Davis, HD and Darius Johnson. Overall, this season may not be good for the present, but I believe it will be good for the future.
  9. I've come to the conclusion that the only people who are unwilling to give Trufant props are the people who are still butt hurt that we didn't draft a DE or that we traded up for him... or there's just the morons who are butt hurt every single day they wake up and just want something to whine about. All I read on here from those folks when we drafted Trufant is that rookie corners get abused, and so will Trufant; must hurt the ego to be wrong. The best part is when they can't man up and admit that they were wrong Honestly, most corners struggle as rookies, and Trufant hasn't, he's been real
  10. No quarterback wins on his own... never has and never will!
  11. I just watched Joe Hayden and the Brown's secondary get abused by Jordy Nelson, Boykin (never heard of him) and a Packer WR corp that's pretty much as decimated as ours. There is no such thing as a "shut down corner" in the NFL anymore, those days are long past with the rules skewed to the offense as they are. Trufant is right in the hip pocket every play, he's doing exactly what he needs to be doing. Take Sherman's pass rush away and he's nowhere near as effective... Trufant's ball skills need to improve, but rookie cb's get abused in today's NFL, and he has held up very well this season
  12. I think you really hit the nail on the head there... once he starts playing the ball better, those deflections will turn into picks and we are going to have one heII of a CB on our hands. Alford is definitely more of a gambler, and I think over the course of their career, you'll see more big plays from Alford (with more big plays given up as well), but you're going to get with Trufant, a guy that is going to frustrate WR's all game long. Honestly, you don't see many rookie CB's who come in and are as consistent as Trufant has been, he got beat up a bit vs. NE, but overall he has been very soli
  13. Their defense will keep them in games for sure, but I compare them to Cincinatti, Denver, Indy, even Baltimore and New England, and I just don't see them being able to win a game like that. A very nice story so far to be sure, they may only lose a handful of games this year, but going on the road to Indy/Cin/NE in the first round is not a very favorable matchup for them IMO. I wish they would play Denver already, I'm curious to see how that one shakes out!
  14. I agree, they do still have a long way to go, but considering what we were looking at to start the year, this was far and away the best game they have played, and Ryan wasn't picking himself off the turf all game long, which I consider a gigantic win. I'm really just hoping to start resembling an offensive line at some point, and that should improve the offense dramatically. The running game was not very good for the most part, but a baby step is still a step in my book.
  15. The Chiefs have one and done written all over them...
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