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  1. Depending what coordinators they're hiring. Hc coordinators will make or break him..
  2. Rex Ryan is about to become the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, according to multiple reports.
  3. I can only hope for the best whom ever we pick, and that these guys turn out to be great players, but it seems to me that it doesn't matter who ever we pick you guys aren't happy.
  4. Why ask the same dumb question every other week? It doesn't change anything at all, the team still sucks at this point, no matter how much they paid him. Its easy to second guess decisions made back in the draft and training camp.
  5. New HC Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt or Jay Gruden..
  6. No, I admit I was to be a falcon apologist but, after last week I was done, Now I agree we need a change in our coaching staff all around this is no excuse.
  7. You're right guys.. Oline and Dline is garbage, no pass rush and no blocking of any kind..
  8. Every first down we try to run, with the smallest, slowest back in the league .. fire Kotter, fire Nolan, fire Smith ..
  9. What happens if we "God forbid" there is a coaching change, and the new coach is worst than he is, are we willing to gamble on a playoff team that we have now or go back to the ways of old..I've been thru 8 coaching changes this team has had, its been far and between since we have had winning ways.
  10. I'm really over seeing him just fling his body at someone and hope for the best...Classic statement "lmao" I've notice that too, he always missing tackles and taking bad angles. what team wants him I have know idea, They watch game film every day, why won't coach Nolan do something about it..That's the million dollar question..we must don't have anyone else to fill his position.
  11. Coaches coach and players play, Mike Smith didn't fumble on a kick off return, Mike Smith didn't miss a field goal attempt so why the **** are we blaming coach Smith, I don't understand it. Players need to execute bottom line..San Francisco, Green Bay both are in the same boat as the Falcons, there fan base not calling for coaches heads..There's plenty of football left and we're acting like this is week 8 "SMH" This city fan base sucks.
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