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  1. I had a feeling about Turner. Koetter and Mike Smith know what they're doing
  2. I'm confident; However, I'm still prepared for the unpredictable. Anything could happen. You can talk stats all you want. If you're a gambling man, the best thing you can do is flip a coin.
  3. I've lived up north all my life and honestly there isn't much racism going on here in my small town and my sister moved to Georgia for high school. She had told me that there were 2 seperate proms, a white prom and a black prom at her high school. She lives in a pretty rural area, has anyone heard of this?
  4. I agree. Both of our fan bases seem really confident, and you're right about being optimistic for your team. From my point of view I have no clue what to expect. Both teams are good, it could go either way. This is one game I wouldn't feel comfortable putting money on, even if I was a fan for either teams.
  5. They didn't put up the points they should have though. Sounds like Broncos were using a bend but don't break type of defense.
  6. I think we'll be aggressive. In past years we had to play Mularkyball because we didn't have the ability and/or scheme to beat teams in a shoot out. Now in my opinion we can go toe to toe with the best offenses in the league. I think other teams should be asking themselves if they should play Mularkyball against us.
  7. I'll be going up from WV with a few skins fans. I've been to the stadium before. It's the nicest one I've been to.
  8. Could this be a sign that we let Lofton walk and sign a good CB?
  9. Better to force Nolan in to running a 4-3 then to force the team to run a 3-4 IMO.
  10. I don't get why MM is considered a head coaching candidate. I was kinda thinking he'd get fired if we lose our first playoff game. I guess they liked what he did at the beginning of Matt's career, installing an offense based on the running game to take the heat off a young QB. This offense just doesn't peak like other offenses and depends on a shutdown defense. In my opinion the system we have now is easier to defend for defenses even with the players we have. You have less play makers to worry about because if you've noticed that alot of our plays, especially the play action passes, there's only 2 receivers running routes, a medium/deep route receiver and a checkdown receiver. I don't get it.
  11. I tried Xanax for the first time tonight, kinda disappointed in it.
  12. No doubt it hurts losing Ovie and a player that like that can't be replaced. I think Snelling will be ok. I'm interested in seeing him lead block. Snelling is just a solid all around player. I look at him at being someone who isn't great at anything but good at several things.
  13. I remember the game against the packers it was 3rd and short and BVG still played the corners about 7 yards off the line. The announcers even said something about it. That's the easiest first down a team could ever get.
  14. I tried that. When I click it, it says: [#CHAT-02] You do not have access to our chat room.
  15. I don't want to place all of the blame on BVG. I saw alot of zone plays where a player was just totally out of position.
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