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  1. While I agree our trenches need shoring up, I really think many of the fans are getting how quick some of the QB play has been. If we solid defender like Jones in the RIGHT position, the QB will hold the ball for a bit longer. I think once he is back and fully healthy, you'll see pressure and sacks increase.
  2. I completely disagree. We are completely in our rights to complain about a VERY poor game by the officials. When Gruden is commenting all game 'I don't see a penalty there', you know it's a poor call. Conspiracy=silly. I agree. But the refs missed CRITICAL calls.
  3. How dare you credit an opposing playing for making incredible plays. Don't you know our defense should be super humans and stop it all.... Seriously though, I think the defense played a pretty good game again. Jameis made some throws and their receivers made some catches that were insane. Do I hate teams coming back? Sure. But the 'soft defense' took a ton of time off the clock. The Offense should have easily managed that game at the end.
  4. I read the first few sentences and lost more brain cells than I would have cared too.... We won in Chicago for the first time since 1983. We played against a very tough bears defense who paid a lot of money to make it tough. We won on the road compared to last year where we lost at home. Go doom and gloom somewhere else. This was a hard fought win that helped the Falcons learn more about who they are.
  5. I'm thankful for these stats. So many on this board are freaking out. It's stupid, it's like many of them have never watched a game of football before. Looking around the league so many teams are in worse shape than we are after this first week. The Patriots got man handled. Packers/Seahawks look turrible. It'll be interesting to see how things play out these next couple of weeks.
  6. Don't miss the Debo effect too. Coming on to a defense with a close friend to help you work through things makes a huge difference. I'm pumped for this core.
  7. Keeping up with this team has been exciting because it seems at every turn we are upgrading pieces. Whether exciting signings or exciting rooks, this team is looking like the most complete unit I've seen in seen memory. So having said that, what are you most excited about watching this preseason? Personally, the combo of Poe and Grady is the most intriguing pieces. If they work together well and Grady continues to develop alongside Poe, we could have a deadly DL. Hesitation: Knowing this board, if they start killing it Tak will be getting some cleanup sacks with his motor, then year two when Poe is gone, declaring him a bust. Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? LB'ers? Tru back? Some rooks?
  8. If he makes the team, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in a Ben Garland like role. Experience on both lines is always a huge boost for UDFA trying to make a team.
  9. Ive been Juked.. I thought for sure this was a joke thread and came for funny pictures... Didn't realize some fans are actually THAT ignorant. Go back to madden, the big boys are talking here.
  10. Packers were pretty banged up when we played them. They definitely need help, but that's a pretty fair assessment of them.
  11. I would be stunned if Quinn hadn't already been talking to people. He is a smart coach who does his job researching (aka, look at some of the players his drafted). Chip was the scent to throw people off the trail because of his name.
  12. Didn't read the rest of the pages, but heck yes to this. I understand the sadness and I understand the knee jerk doom and gloom. But good grief, we just played in a superbowl I dare say hardly anyone predicted. I'm a homer, I love my birds, but I said 2018 would be our deep playoff run. You know what I did yesterday? I put on my falcons shirt, I left my falcons magnet on my car, carried my falcon key chain, and I was dang proud to be a falcon fan. That loss sucked, but our team gutted it out and left everything on the field.
  13. Not going to lie, pretty dumb post. There is a common thread with most SB teams, players leave to take the money because they were 'super bowl' players. Who is leaving that is vital to this defense? Upshaw? Freeney? Bank on it, both those players will want to stay (if freeney doesn't retire) with the Falcons because they have seen unhealthy teams and they know this is a legit team. We need a KR/PR, another G, and 1-2 more pieces on the D-line. Wouldn't be mad at another LB. I know people are calling for Allen to be replaced, but he is intelligent and will stay put to fix the over problems first.
  14. If this is a repeat, my apologies. But this signals Quinn's trust in Ryan more than anything. I literally know nothing about this guy other than what y'all are posting. But considering this season, and Matt's ability to run this offense well, I think this is a brilliant move. And to those calling it a knee jerk reaction, y'all dumb. Chip K. is a knee jerk reaction. To make this hire means a lot of research went into it.
  15. Success or no success this year, we ALL know that Kyle is about his Ego more than anything. Instead of desperately wanting to win, he desperately wants to stop being compared to his father. Dudes Ego killed us.
  16. Not a chance. That's foolish thinking. I've seen a ton of different websites who talk about us returning to the playoffs again next year. I haven't watched the normal channels (like ESPN), but the fact we played so freaking hard earned some respect. I'm looking for the silver lining. Also, it seems most aren't blaming us but a certain coach...
  17. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000782775/article/matt-ryan-named-nfls-most-valuable-player Saves me time watching the award show!
  18. True, but OC don't have the same power as a head coach. Hard to compare the two. For the record, I think he would be dumb going as well. There will be much better jobs next year, after our second superbowl..
  19. The niners is the ultimate challenge right now. Maybe he wants the challenge? They do have 2 higher first round picks. Regardless, I highly doubt this is a distraction. Winning a SB is so hard, he is giving it all he has.
  20. I think his numbers were 2nd in the NFL behind Brady, at like 118 QBR. We win this game by 1 TD, with 1-2 TD's coming from garbage time desperation. We get 2-3 sacks, and 1-2 INT.
  21. Right? I was looking down and heard that. Had no idea he went to Tx.
  22. Come on bro, you know this game is about making a stupid decision, risking injury, and not taking care of the ball. Wait. My bad.
  23. That beautiful golden mane was flying today. Glad to have a health Reed. Hopefully they keep gelling, because this was a thing of beauty.
  24. I'm waiting to see Seattle's post game , that will be fun to watch.
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