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  1. What was the Jones penalty for? They haven't shown the replay.
  2. We move the ball well, and the plays work. If we do not turn the ball over we would have won. The scheme is fine.
  3. Sorry, I shouldn't have said all his life. My point is I don't think the coaches would put him at center if he didn't show that he had the ability to snap a football. Yes he screwed up twice majorly snapping the ball this season, but I still don't think it will be an ongoing issue. If it is I expect the team to make changes.
  4. It's all hindsight now. Person is a pro that has been snapping the ball all his life. He didn't forget how to, and wouldn't be on an nfl team if he could not. The turnovers are terrible and heart wrenching, but I really doubt that this will be a ongoing issue. If they are I fully expect us to make changes quickly before we approach the post season.
  5. Didn't see this posted. Since our pass rush is lacking, do you think this guy is worth pursuing? Or is he bad news? He is a four time probowler.
  6. It was definitely the best one. Most of them I would take as a compliment. I thought in look alike threads you were supposed to compare players to goofy looking people.
  7. Sausage, cheese eggs, biscuits and bacon
  8. You have every right to be critical, it looks like our team forgot how they play ball.
  9. flapjax

    Jeff Teague

    Teague does look out of sorts, but he is still playing well, just not dominant. In fact the only player killing right now is Carroll. Everyone else is hot or cold, but that is how we are as team. Main difference now is that our bench hasn't produced like it has during the regular season.
  10. Does he ever hold the ball with his right hand? I never see him switch it away from the defender. Still love the pick. Fast kid
  11. I heard he had bad technique, I admit his size and speed are nice but didn't the better college receivers torch him in games?
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