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  1. Saw a post on Facebook about Steven Jackson returning to practice Wednesday and nearly ALL of the replies were NEGATIVE in a big way...Everyone wanted to keep Quizz and lose Jackson, saying we got taken, and that he'll just get hurt in the first few minutes he's back and sit out the season...I think there was ONE positive post out of like 40....Is Steven Jackson a real asset for the falcons or should they cut him??? Examples: "Wow that's great.. Glad to hear his bruised thigh is feeling better. Only took a month and a half! Sheesh what a joke" "Hes gunna get hurt in the first quarter and spend
  2. Yep, Many games, , every Sunday for years. Do YOU???? We have the talent and the ability, the Saints AIN'T all that ...go back to your swamp.....
  3. I beg to differ sir.. We are indeed better than THEM, just had some really bad injuries and luck....IF we were 100% I'm convinced we would be on top of the division..
  4. BWAHAHAHAHAH!! Can't....stop....laughing....BWAHAHAHAH!!!!
  5. Anybody else watching this train wreck? JEEZ these guys SUCK!!! Dropped passes, missed tackles, missed opportunities, they're making the Falcons look amazing....Gives me hope!!!!
  6. Falcons win in games we SHOULD lose, and LOSE in games we should win...wait and see....
  7. But I got a POWERFUL feeling that we will bet the Patriots Sunday night. It's the SAME feeling I had when we played the Giants last year. I don't know why, I just KNOW!!!
  8. It's THE SAME STORY!! Just rewind and hit the play button week after freaking WEEK!! SICK OF IT!!!!
  9. I don't know how long you've been a Falcons fan. Me, I'm a lifelong fan.... You can laugh at those of us who are SICK and TIRED of losing, like I'm seeing on some of these posts. Feel free, but TRY to open up your pea-sized brains to TRY to understand WHY we're in 'meltdown' mode... We have a LOT of pride and love for this city. There are dozens of Steelers fans, Dolphins fans, Buccaneers fans, etc in our city..Just look at the bumper stickers. Atlanta is a transplant town. We have often been ridiculed about our "Sports teams", and there's never been a CHAMPIONSHIP team from Atlanta, save for
  10. That the defense recovers a fumble or makes an interception and the offense goes three and out...time after time.....Please explain....
  11. Until this team can PROVE it's capable of DESERVING a new stadium..Making the playoffs don't count. At LEAST ONE CHAMPIONSHIP before a new stadium! I know I won't be buying tickets to see losers.......
  12. I think we all had such high expectations for this year..We thought this year's team was the ONE to take us all the way. Maybe we set our sights too high? expected too much? One thing's for sure, this isn't the team we saw last year. All the breaks and last minute scoring that won us these types of games last year aren't happening this year. Were we just LUCKY last year at 13-3? Did we all overestimate what is in reality a mediocre team? Do we blame these losses on injuries? or coaching? Or lack of desire and determination? I really feel for Tony G. He thought we could make a run for the big g
  13. Saints will win the division this year, and there will need to be a SIGNIFICANT change in the upper ranks of the Atlanta Falcons. WAYYYY too much inconsistency and lack of depth, and heart, for the Atlanta Falcons to be considered an 'ELITE' team...as always, we gotta say "MAYBE NEXT YEAR".....
  14. Maybe I'm the ONLY one, but I was quite HAPPY with what the Falcons did yesterday...To be honest, I predicted a 34-17 New Orleans victory...Why? First off, we were in THEIR house, with their BEST coach EVER returning, and the emotion of the bounty scandal punishment which many thought was unjustified, still smelling up the air...Victory was the ONLY acceptable and EXPECTED outcome for the Saints... To lose by only 6 points should be seen as a VICTORY in these conditions, IMHO. I saw flashes of brilliance from Jackson, Alford, and Trufant, all newcomers to the schemes and coaches. This bodes W
  15. For REAL!! It's the same ol' story season after season..we'll beat the tar out of them when they get here in OUR house, same as always....
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