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  1. I heard on Nfl sat today Dimi was interviewed and said if we cut or trade Matt its a 40mil plus cap hit, so not going to happen
  2. My favorite was the guy complaining about Mike Vick and called him "Shellfish". I'm sure some of you remember that classic, he got roasted.
  3. Claudell Washington Vs Mario Soto. Atlanta Braves vs Cincinnati Reds was a great one . Claudell homered in the 1st inning, next at bat Soto hits him. next at bat Claudell swings and loses hi bat near 2nd base. Slowly he walks out to retrieve his bat then charges the mound, **** breaks loose and Soto throws the baseball at Claudell from about 5 feet but hits a Braves coach instead. It was epic. i think it was 1984.
  4. It was on nfl.com a story about how different Gm's haved drafted the last several years
  5. Y'all like to bust on TD a lot, NFL had an article yesterday about league GM's and our own TD was at 14% drafting pro bowlers and all pros, which was one of the highest percentage's in the league. Yes EVERY gm has some misses, but some never give the man any credit.
  6. Bucs gonna usher in the Tom Brady farewell tour early, he should have stayed where he was. Egos got too big in Patriot land.
  7. OP obviously doesn't comprehend AB the godfather says Matt Ryan , Falcon for life.
  8. Cause we needed a pass rusher worse than a hog needs slop!
  9. I really liked the Collinsworth comment on Fletcher Cox, he must be hurt or something because he had not made any splash plays like he usually does. That says a lot about our oline play tonight
  10. Kaleb asked Takk what he thought and he said It's good.
  11. Beautiful Easter Sunday, went to church this morning and lunch with family, ate like it was Thanksgiving, asked my brother what time was Dallas playing, lol.
  12. They can use their 1st round pick to get a new center, oh yeah,they don't have one,lol
  13. Went to youtube to watch his highlights, and didn't see many runs that included run after contact, not seeing pro quality runner, sorry.
  14. Did anyone hear Dontarie Poe's name mentioned today
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