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  1. What about 1975 to 1991 seems longer to me.
  2. Jones propably would go before Neal in a redraft.
  3. Why can't we talk football and our beloved Falcons, and leave YOUR opinion on politics where it belongs OK?
  4. I was about to say that, she does nothing for me , give me Ashley Graham any day
  5. He was just trying to keep the score respectful.
  6. Anyone who thinks Madonna is a good singer, don't know jack sh** about music, she's nothing but a studio auto tune singer.
  7. How did we drop from #1 to #3 did I miss something?
  8. You forgot to mention how Jalen was a reach and a bust, trust me!
  9. Said Dave Gettleman, how dId that work out for Carolina, got to have good corners too.
  10. You should enjoy his tears as his team gets pummeled, what better place than your house. Work it Bro.
  11. I remember when Mike Vick was shelfish.
  12. Wonder where ole pirate JB is, not crowing so much these days.
  13. You cant pay high priced free agents at every position, but in the 2nd round of the draft I would be all for it. 1st round should be dline, specifically pass rusher.
  14. All kidding aside if we play with the same passion as last year against the Bucs, we will lose again . We need the 2nd Carolina game fire against all the South teams.