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  1. My goodness! Must everyone here think the same? Is there no such thing as opposing opinion here? What's wrong with you people? Holy Moly!
  2. Well, it should be obvious by now that I don't follow the crowd. I think for myself. And, that's the way I see it. Have fun being a sheep, having others think for you. That's it!
  3. But, he sure did look good last night in that pink jacket. Collins just has superstar written all over him.
  4. Off night for Ice Trae last night. Frustration and then fouls killed his game. But, he blew off the frustration and came through in the 4th qtr just like a superstar would. THAT was impressive! And the whole arena erupted. Hasn't been that loud since the Hawks' 19 game winning streak. I remember the loudest point (at lease the one that I attended) was when Korver was setting up for a 3 at crunch time to beat Memphis and he hit it. It almost blew the roof off the building.
  5. Yes, Bembry had a good game last night. Can't complain when a player has 16 rebounds. But, I am excited about the Hawks future. The future looks great with Trae and Collins. They are the stars that will propel the Hawks. The best any of the other current players will be would be role players. And, although I would not care to be wrong, I still don't see Bembry as even being a role player over the next two years. He would have to have more "good" games to prove himself. They don't have to be great games, just good. For example, Bazemore is prototypical role player. His role is defense. Once in a while he can have good or great scoring games, like he did last night with a career high 32. But, Baze scoring big is an anomaly. But, you can pretty much depend on his defense. What precisely can you depend upon from Bembry? Nothing at this point other than a body on the floor. If he can develop an identity, something that can fulfill a role, then he would tremendously increase his value. Otherwise, he will not be around 2 years from now when the Hawks are ready to compete. Unlike the rest of you posters, I don't fall in love with every player just because they wear a Hawks uniform. Instead value excites me -- talent, potential, and other players who fill the gaps (role players). Right now, the Hawks value consists of: Potential superstars: Ice Trae, Collins Role players: Scorer: Prince Defender: Baze (although his price is way too high) Big man who can spread the floor: Len, Dedmon (not as much as Len, but adequate) Experienced leader: VC (great player/coach) Everybody else is just happy to be playing in the NBA. IOW, the Hawks are required to fill a roster with a minimum cap. If some of these young guys can develop into a role player or start, Great! If not, they won't be part of the Hawks future, including Bembry no matter how much you guys love him.
  6. Collins out for several more weeks and will not return before the second week of November. He will miss at least 9 more games. ARGH! https://www.ajc.com/sports/basketball/hawks-john-collins-miss-several-more-weeks/DGjYquosEonZv8TXawm6bL/
  7. Trey Trae's first home game tomorrow night. Each game he has had progressively better stats. Of course, that can't continue forever. But, it would be amazing if he could continue that and have a huge game for his home debut. I will be there to witness it.
  8. YES, they are. Forget the labels. They are essentially identical. Their size is similar (Dorsey a bit slimmer), their stats are similar. If you were to just look at the box score for any set of 10 games, you would not be able to identify Bembry vs Dorsey. If you like, we can go on forever about this. But, as I said, we just disagree. EDIT: BTW, this is a trivial debate. Neither Bembry nor Dorsey will be the future of the Hawks. Neither will get any NBA team to the promise land. I suspect you would like to argue that. But, really, these guys are just happy to be playing in the NBA. Neither is that far removed from the G League. And, if you think otherwise, then you have lost focus.
  9. Bembry and Dorsey are pretty much the same player. I'd give the very slight edge to Dorsey. I think his penetration is slightly better and as a 2nd rounder, he is less expensive than Bembry. Other than that, they are the same player. I really believe they will alternate coming off the bench until one of them can show a clear difference. Bembry had a decent game Sunday. Next, it will be Dorsey's turn. Dorsey had a decent Summer League.
  10. We disagree. I would love to see Bembry become a superstar, or star, or starter, or role player, or just good enough to survive the NBA. But, I just don't see it. Bembry, at best, may survive 2 or 3 more years. Those who say he has skills but just needs to finish. Well, you could say that about every NBA player who is not a star. Finishing is EVERYTHING. I could probably get to the basket most of the time. But, finishing is the difference between good players and not-so-good players.
  11. But, Trae's pass had a lot more zip on it. If only Ryan had an arm like that!
  12. Well, it should be obvious that RJ Hunter over Bembry is an exaggeration. But, Bembry really should be the last G/F off the bench. Not sure why Dorsey had a DNP-CD in the game today. Maybe it was his turn between him and Bembry.
  13. And this: Young is the first rookie to reach at least 35 points and 10 assists since Steph Curry in 2010.
  14. I wasn't kidding, y'all!
  15. Thank you Hawks for Trae Young! Oh my!
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