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  1. The loss to the Eagles going into the bye week really hurt. They kind of manhandled us. Having the extra wait beforehand and the extra wait after felt horrible. The loss to the Bucs sucked coming into the season. We looked undisciplined and sloppy. The loss to the Chiefs was awful, Quinn looked like he had been outcoached and that really unsettled me. The loss to the Chargers was horrible. Finally blew a lead when we had threatened to in so many games before it. Two losses in a row. The Seahawks loss ending on a bad call made me furious, but getting into the 4th and 10 so q
  2. i remember when a lot of good abf members were banned in some kind of crazy protocol 66, and now they post anything they want at http://www.falconsunderground.com and are treated like the adults they are by a cool and easy going administration
  3. www.falconsunderground.com is a pretty good forum of falcons fans, there is no censored discussion
  4. am i the only one who wants to know what adjectives drakems was using to describe this community?
  5. remember when headshot sucked ***?Wait you can say fag but not a s s. Interesting stance boards.atlantafalcons.com
  6. What subforum am I in? I came here to talk about Falcon's football but you guys seem to be talking anything BUT football. I am disappoint.
  7. Thanks for the advice Lou, it takes a classy guy to instantly befriend someone new with no references. Obviously, I am indebted to you for this.
  8. A very poorly run site, I might add. The boss admin was kind of a POS
  9. This is weird, it's like the shoutbox at this other site I saw one time.
  10. Wait so if I reply back to back, it adds it to the previous post? That's gonna mess with my post pacing.
  11. Classic Steve and Lou right here. How dare someone talk every couple of weeks.
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