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  1. Don't be too hard on j for laying low.....us Dawg fans have had plenty of seasons that could make us want a "break" from our football love affair. Gators will be back. UF's athletics department is top-notch, so one way or another the Gator football program will be back on track soon. (with or without Muschamp).
  2. Got a laugh outta this too..... Former Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham told reporters Thursday that a chance to compete for championships weighed into his decision to leave the SEC for the same job at Louisville. per ESPN. Good riddance, JackWagon!
  3. Just disappointing to see kids risk future successes for a little "fun". But it'll happen every year to every team.
  4. AU by 11. Trying my hand at predictification again.
  5. Yet, they claim all their ridiculous rules are in place to protect the student-athlete and the universities. Complete crap! I'm now at a NAIA university coaching and hallelujah for that. Still some issues, but immeasureably better than NCAA buffoonery.
  6. I've worked in athletics in USG schools and know coaches in them. What I have seen and heard in my experience is a lot of GA schools are cheap with what the spend on athletics.
  7. 3 13 17 21 37 8. I get 10% when u win the Mega Millions.
  8. I only saw 1 NFL starter on the OL for the Falcons Sunday, Blalock. All others are backups at best. Team needs at least 4-5 real NFL OL this off season/draft.
  9. Are all these refs PJs boyfriends or something?
  10. Hey, after this football season as Dawgs and Falcons fan, if I don't laugh I'll cry.
  11. Yep, he's gotta be OK since his horrible attitude, personality & antiquated offence drives away talented players.
  12. Imagine what a guy like Gary Patterson could do with the talent UGA has on both sides of the ball. Ah, we can dream can't we.
  13. If you can't beat a Paul Johnson coached team. You gotta go.
  14. Nail on the head brother.....nail on the head. Spurrier all over again.
  15. So that'll make him 117 years old when his contract is up. Great coach and man tho'.
  16. Add Kamara to that and I'll dance a jig..........and post it right here. It won't be pretty.
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