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  1. goodthing the falcons wont ever have to worry about breaking records or a lombardi
  2. Drew Needed those Garbage yards WTf Payton
  3. I cant believe they went out there and hurt the lions feelings
  4. JLD

    I Was Wrong

    lol its funny they are that concerned with the saints, they should be worried about the G-Men
  5. i swear the saints were playing the falcons today bc ive seen so much complaining today on here haha
  6. dang ole katrina refs huh **** conspiracys lol but anyways CIN over HOU by 6 NO over DET 38-21 ATL over NYG by 3 late field goal PIT over DEN 21-10 closer than people expect
  7. pacer fans, knick fans, suns fans, jazz fans, supersonic fans, Craig Ehlo,John starks shall i name some other people
  8. if the falcons already knew the game was over and wanted to stop the bleeding why is it they didnt just punt the ball on 4th down and the saints wouldnt have scored a Td
  9. Do they make Medicine for Delusional people? What happened when yall didnt show you hand last time?
  10. JLD


    Didn't ya'll owe Greenbay something to tell me how that worked out? I'll wait...
  11. that's about all the falcons do is SEE people in the playoffs they surely don't show up
  12. John abraham just said the saints are the better team take that for what its worth
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