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  1. They'll lose a lot bandwagon fans tomorrow, and we'll get some peace on the boards. Heck -- there will be peace on Earth and good cheer, too.
  2. Hopefully Warner gets into the HOF tonight.
  3. I'm confident the Falcons will play a heII of a game.
  4. The Pats fans were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Brady's plums danced in their heads.
  5. Heath-dog wouldn't be able to eat from either treat bowl. Heath-dog would be wearing one of those cones that keeps him from licking himself.
  6. Technically they were feeding off the bottom, not the hate.
  7. I'm sorry, but I must regretfully inform you that I will not attend the super bowl this year.
  8. It's gonna sting when your team is curb-stomped by an irrelevant quarterback.
  9. What do you call a Patriots fan in high school? Names.
  10. Guinness stout. I don't trust any beer you can see through.
  11. Thing is, you guys will disappear after the Falcons' second offensive series.
  12. They've been on a tear, for sure. They're ranked #1 in postseason pressures.
  13. The only one better under pressure than Brady is Ryan. This game will boil down to weapons, and the Falcons are a nuclear power.
  14. We've watched and analyzed every game in the Falcons progression to a championship-caliber team. We're confident they can hang with anybody. It's bluster to claim they'll blow out the Pats, unless we somehow get Brady's B game. I don't think we will. It'll be close.
  15. The Pats as a team are largely an unknown and untested quantity. Nobody really knows what will happen when they face a trial by fire against a top team in the sb. Picks for them are based on name recognition. The Falcons are an unknown brand (nationally) but the picks still seem to be split. It should be an exciting match up.
  16. I just read a math paper by a professor of information sciences. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0168716 His model has historically predicted NFL playoff winners with 90% certainty, and he's guaranteeing a falcons win. OP just got owned by a nerd.
  17. According to my graphics editor (colorblind,) all three red shades are different and the colors match commemorative plaques issued by The Highland Mint. I don't know what sort of inside intel they'd have access to, tho.
  18. Loaded? I think surrounding yourself with an entourage that drains your fortune, keeps your crew in the news in a negative light, and eventually lands you in Leavenworth is a very bad move. Such people are thugs.
  19. Not really. Vick was a gifted athlete who relied on his gift to carry him through, but he was buried in an avalanche of unwholesome sycophants.
  20. He's already won the PFW MVP award. We're awaiting word on the AP MVP.
  21. Sacks are an indication of pressure, but I agree that the pressure itself is what matters most, and you can get that pressure without sacking.
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