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  1. I think, even though they're the superior team, that they lose to the 9ers in the divisional round.
  2. Any given Sunday. They could win the SB. Or (as most of us suspect) they could give up 10 TDs in the WC round. I prefer to let the cards fall as they may.
  3. I may have to sign up. Nothing like a strong male role model to make real men out of a bunch of sissies.
  4. Another one of my son's oddjob friends. That's fine. These old arms have plenty of whippin's left in them
  5. You know I don't accept such slang in my household. Time for you to get a J-O-B, son
  6. And you are so blind that you act like nothing happened? You grow up. We get it. You're a racist black who can't stand the fact that a white guy is now the QB of the Falcons. We can all see through your schtick.
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